Taking a Bite at Berting's Grill!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scout Rallos cor Tomas Morato Avenue has never been better. There's a new spot called Berting's Grill. It's cozy and quite a comfy place to hangout from brunch to dinner. Of course it's high time we take a bite at some of their best offerings. A word of advice... grab your table napkins because this will surely make you mouth water!

Owner Chef Andrew Wijangco dubs this as the best Lechon Manok in the world! It's carefully prepared and marinated for 72 hours. He prepares this concoction himself! Their in house rotisserie makes this fresh off the grill in 45 minutes or less so they advise people to usually get hors d'oeuvres or appetizers to fill in the wait time or maybe you can order ahead before going to the restaurant. At first bite of the skin, you get that perfect crunch on some areas. It also reminds me of that saline-intense lemon grass flavor which most Visayan pork lechons have. Chicken skin has never achieved this kind of texture before and it was made not to be paired with any sauces. Although they do have available liver sauce for those who want it; this is extremely perfect with piping hot white rice. If you have tasted Pork Lechon from the region this will surely be a way to bring back those memories.

You can always start with Lumpia Dynamites which is a favorite among men who like to have them paired with local beers. It's Cheese, Ground beef-pork filling inserted inside shards of long Jalapeno peppers would give you that hint of spiciness you look for in starters like these. If you like cold beers you're in luck because this establishment only BEERBELOWZERO. It only costs 32 pesos and nobody serves it that cheap in this area. That's one great thing after another!

Now here's more!

A bed Crispy Chicken Skin hot off the cooker is one of the best things you can eat sinfully this side of town. Don't hold back on this one paired with the seasoned vinegar and hot rice. Some friends also swear to have taken this home and frozen them a bit, cooked the next day yet never even tasted differently. This can also be paired with cold house beers like what most patrons do on Acoustic nights, yes they provide entertainment for free on the second floor... you should pay them a visit every T-Th-S. Something establishments nearby can't even think of.

This is their Crispy Laing. A deconstructed version of it with the Laing containing bits of tuna and Lechon Kawali. It was good but remember to eat it with rice... don't even think of not doing that because the coconut milk made this too creamy. Wash it off with soda or some things off their drink offerings. Margarita's for the ladies; and again Beer for the men!

Crunchy and garlicky this favorite item on their menu boasts of sweet, salty and fresh kangkong rolled on wok heat and premium oyster sauce. It's one of their best sellers!

For the discriminating taste, they offer this crunchy breaded Cream Dory with a side serving of Salty capers swirled with butter and if I'm not mistaken lemon juice/rind. I liked this a lot... I'm a caper addict when it comes to pasta and this is nice pairing. Eat it while it's hot!

For the feast de resistance you can say NO to this Crunchy Kare Kare! Just look at that serving of Pork and the crunchy skin... this is something even doctors would order. On the side are steamed veggies (eggplant, Yard Long beans and bok choi) plus sweet - salty bagoong; it brings you back to that time when your Mom used to make it. This is aside from the house favorite Lechon Manok their BEST Seller! The peanut sauce cuts the saltiness out of the shrimp paste so you are in for a treat when you come and order this one!

The venue in the Scout Rallos Branch can accommodate a lot of people! You can also check out their celebrity wall when you come up the stairs. There are also articles you can read while waiting for your orders.

From the original owner of the defunct Thai In A Box (which was sold to other owners) comes this brand new Filipino hangout in Scout Rallos cor Tomas Morato. They also have a branch in Julia Vargas - Ortigas Home Depot if you are around the area. Free Wifi also available for those who need it. So make sure that next meeting, gathering of friends and special occasions would be spent in Bertings Grill. Why you ask?! Because it's definitely worth it!



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