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Monday, August 29, 2011

Would you like to be BEYOND THE BOX?! =)

There's a new store in town and believe it or not it's got the best gadgets that Apple has in their line. Best of all it's right at the heart of Resort's World Manila and open 24/7. It's designed to cater the most discriminating consumers as they show the best of the best Apple products and more on this side of the world. It's not just your regular run of the mill Apple Premium Store though and it's promptly called BEYOND THE BOX. Here are some highlights from the event!

Nothing would be better than getting the store blessed first! Imagine even the priest had an IPAD2 while doing the rituals for

The place was filled with family and friends of the corporation. Everyone was so happy because of the launch and they get to take away hundreds of prizes courtesy of BEYOND THE BOX.

The gorgeous Kelly Misa was also there to open the store together with Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Supermodel Sonya Smith and a lot of other celebrity guests!

The winner of the HIPSTAMATIC contest was also announced. They launched this on their Facebook page so make sure you like them and expect a lot of other prizes soon!

VJ Janeena Tan and PHILMUG Chair Elbert Cuenca hosted the event. General Manager for Sales, Marketing and Services of Beyond the Box Gerald Senolos was there to welcome everyone. We were all ecstatic about the things they offered in the store like installation and training to help home and business users alike.

So when you are thinking of buying that next Macbook Pro, iMAC, Macbook Air, Mac mini, MAC Pro, iPAD, iPAD2, iPod, iPhone and its accessories go ahead and indulge yourself with what Beyond the Box has to offer in their store! There will be more of these stores soon at posh malls nationwide!

Congratulations Ms. Ana and Sir Charlie on your new store!



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