Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank!

Monday, August 01, 2011

The title alone is a dead giveaway. How can you not have a hilarious time with Eugene Domingo and her antics on this indie film turned "soon to be blockbuster" coming on theaters this August 3, 2011. Yeah, it was jumpacked! They had to turn down about half a billion (more or less LOL) people outside the CCP theater, UP Theater where this was first shown.

How can they resist the charming, beautiful Ms. Eugene Domingo (shown here walking the red carpet) as she dares to swim something down there! Yes ladies and gentlemen watch as she swims on poo and win that elusive best actress trophy everybody wished for!

I'm a fan. I could not tell you how much I adore Ms. Eugene Domingo because she is so smart and can pick up a punchline from any given situation and still make you die from laughing inside the cinema. She plays the role of an actress called "Eugene Domingo" also in this film. You have to watch her make this indie film inside the indie film (no that's not a typo!) with hunky rockstar Kian Cipriano as her Director and the cool, good looking, calm and collected JM De Guzman as the Producer. Cai Cortez also plays as a PA in this movie... people behind the movie industry surely felt how she played the role so good in this movie and you definitely should watch out for that!

The STAR Ms. Eugene Domingo!

Hunk Actor - Rockstar Kian Cipriano of CALLALILY

JM De Guzman, another reason why you know you have to watch this film!

This was a dream role for Ms. Cai Cortez.
Working with Ms. Uge was a dream she said!

Make sure you watch them in your favorite SM Cinema outlets and soon on other movie theaters nationwide!

For those who were not able to go to the press conference, let me show you a couple of videos I took during that bit! I'm sure you'll love how they answered the questions from the media!

This is the biggest Cinemalaya film entry of all time! It won 5 awards so you better bring your A game in the cinemas come August 3! Make your family watch this if you want to have a good time! Here's the official trailer from Star Cinema!

Congratulations to the cast I'm sure my friends and I will watch this film!
I can't wait!

Watch Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank shown in theaters on August 3, 2011 nationwide!



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Xander said...

Panoorin ito sa sinehan?? Check na Check!!!

ZaiZai said...

I love JM De Guzman! Can't wait to watch this :)