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Sunday, August 07, 2011

I was dead hungry and so tired from the run of the mill fast food joints I frequently order from home or even the office. I was in the mood for something new so I tried to look for other restaurants that had food delivery services but most of them either didn't have one or so busy at that time of the day. I was supposed to go to Mercato Centrale to get artisanal products sold there but driving from QC all the way to Taguig was a little arduous! I craved for Soy chicken or something like that and it was really something that bothered me; it meant that I really had to have one! It wasn't something that I could pass on... then the unexpected happens! (insert heavenly music here!)

Would you believe if I told you that this same guy actually delivered food for me a lot of times from a fast food company? Yeap! he even recognized me when I opened the door. He knew me right off the bat; that's how frequent I ordered because he knew me by first name (no joke!) but now he's got me covered with what I need when I wanted it SO BADLY! I got my Spicy Soy Chicken urge fixed (that's Manang's Chicken Chicken Cuts 6 pcs Mild Spicy) courtesy of the good people from Manang's Chicken of Mercato Centrale fame! Oooh I can just hear that crunchy - spicy combination hit me in a ballpark. It was meant to be; and it was so easy because it was delivered by these good people from www.CityDelivery.ph. They made life easier for me no kidding!

Manang's Chicken had me asking for more servings of rice even when I was on a diet. The crunchy texture didn't dissipate even if it's well covered in spicy soy sauce. It was still hot when it arrived; that's one good thing to have even when days are crazy (it rained the whole week in this side of the world!). City Deliver has never ever been better!

I was surprised to say the least that I can get these scrumptious treat every single day that I'd crave for it and it wouldn't be just on ordinary days. They also serve em for weekends too so try and give em a call and see your options! Or if you are online check them out at www.CityDelivery.ph and choose the location for Taguig, they have the Mercato Centrale merchants available there!

Sorry I just had to torture you with the photos. They don't really do justice so please, be in the right mind to call them thru food delivery channels or check them out online. You can even choose what particular cut of chicken you prefer and specify how many pieces you can chow down. They even have a wide selection of drinks available so you don't have to pretend you like the office vendo machine!

They even got me this City Bites pamphlet for free! That's Anton Diaz, Ms. Rache, Aidan, Joshua and the cute little bundle of joy on the cover. Uber cute kids!
They are the reason why OurAwesomePlanet.com was born!

I'm loving every bit of Mercato Centrale (http://www.mercatocentrale.ph/) and www.CityDelivery.ph! So if you guys want the best food and City Delivery services from the best ones in the industry dial 87878 and ask for the stuff you want from Mercato Centrale; you won't have to trouble yourself going all the way there... they'll come to you instead! It's worth every penny believe me! You really don't need to be just patrons of old fast food joints in the metro because there are gourmet treats you can opt for when the time comes. It's the best City Delivery service bar none! Make sure you do the right thing and get what you want when you want it!

Need I say more?!

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Dial 87878 and choose among hundreds of restaurants around the metro!

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Bale Dutung has Pampanga's best dishes courtesy of Chef Claude Tayug.
Big Bob's chargrilled to perfection burgers stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Chucks Grubberie if you need Fish and Chips/Cajun dishes, they've got the best!
Homemade Ravioli makes al dente ravioli in many scrumptious flavors!
Manang's Chicken makes the best spiciest chicken this side of town!
Merry Moo where homemade ice cream has never been this good!
Mochiko mochi ice cream and more!
Spring by Ha Yuan Asian dishes like no other! Make sure you order the Chilled Taho which I ♥.

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