Way Back Home

Sunday, August 07, 2011

We all want to be loved. We all want to live in a home with a family that would care for us unconditionally. We all want our lives to follow what is planned and if by chance we lose someone it would be heartbreaking to even think about it. This story revolves around them who lost their youngest; when they found her they were glad but the sibling rivalry and their relationships became very complicated. Star Cinema brings to you a story of this family; and how they were able to go through these trials and tribulations.

Enrique Gil and Kathryn Bernardo's first team up in this movie. The Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng said that even in the first day of shooting they truly have chemistry. Enrique Gil probably hails from the clan of Eigenmans which says a lot about his acting skills. He has shown good things in the few weeks of shooting. Kathryn Bernardo fresh from the success of Mara Clara isn't worried that she is not paired with Albie. She knows that it's not going to be their initial leading men all throughout their career and says she's always in good terms with him. He's like their Kuya so she knows he understands how it is in show business.

Animated and goodlooking in real life, Sam Concepcion joins this wonderful cast. This is I think his first time to be paired up with Julia Montes. Sam is excited about this new movie and said there are some things that he learned while making this movie. It is important you watch it so you would understand what he means about how happy he was working with these guys in the cast. Julia Montes is actually being groomed not to be always as the Contra Bida but somewhere along the lines of Claudine Baretto. I definitely see that in her... she's so pretty!

Ms. Agot Isidro was so happy to work with these young actors and actresses. She said she found them at par with veterans and take their work very seriously. Their professionalism and work all accounts for the things they have done in soap operas and probably caused its success. Director Jerry Sineneng is so proud of them that he's always wanted them to follow the footsteps of today's biggest stars and that's not gonna be too far ahead!

Also starring in this movie: Tonton Gutierrez, Lotlot De Leon, Bella Flores, Ahron Villena, Jairus Aquino, Clarence Delgado, Josh Ivan Morales, Gilleth Sandico and a lot more.

Make sure you watch Way Back Home showing on August 17, 2011 in theaters nationwide!

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