My Neighbor's Wife

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meeting celebrities is by far one of the greatest perks that I enjoy while doing these coverages but I barely get to know them because their schedules are pretty hectic. This particular day was different because I get to talk to them quite longer, ask them near personal questions too. Ladies, I know how you sometimes secretly want to meet the man of your dreams, but since I'm a little busy these days I'll tell you something about another guy in your list (hehe no pun intended!) I felt so ugly beside them LOL. You know who I'm talking about?!

Maybe this would help you recognize him!

Jake Cuenca stars as Bullet in this upcoming sizzling movie about love, marriage and understanding relationships called My Neighbor's Wife.

My Neighbor's Wife

The title alone mars your soul with infidelity connotations; but there are lessons to be learned in this film that you can only find out if you watch it. Jake Cuenca answers some tough questions under the scorching hot sun last weekend when I visited the set of this movie. He plays the role of Bullet. Jake relates to the story of the role he plays because his own family started young too. His parents had him when his Mom was 19 and every time he acts, he makes this as his personal motivation. It was hard for his family; just like in some of the scenes... and it was good that Carla Abellana was able to completely empathize in Jake's character to play as his wife. He didn't have any hard time working with her and even if they work in different channels he was so glad that ABSCBN allowed him to work with other artists from GMA/TV5.

Douglas Quijano was always on his mind; while he's on the set he knew Tito Dougs would have been so proud that he got to do this. Regal Films was one of the biggest things Tito Douglas wanted Jake to be with and he said the same with other big artists. He wanted him to grow artistically, be famous and achieve a lot in his career. He wanted also to make this movie before his contract expires with the film outfit but he continues to be hopeful that this will not be the end of it. He still wants to work with bigger stars like Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon etc. or some of the pillars of Philippine cinema.

Jake Cuenca answers some questions about his past relationship

He still reminisces with Tayong Dalawa and its success and he's very thankful that the series has gone a long way here and abroad. He's gonna have another project with ABSCBN (probably with Shaina Magdayao) soon but cannot divulge details. He still wants to work with the the best in the movie and TV industry. He wants to work with different people and feels that the sheer ability to do that is a measure of his success. Regal Films and Star Cinema has been very good to him and he does credit them for working out differences for the sake of the movie industry. He had so much history with his current film outfits and personally asked his management to gear towards more artistic roles. He's very confident as an actor. In his spare time he wants to pursue either a football or sports career. He's glad that his work allows him to be very athletic. He even lost ten pounds just for an MMK episode. He worked also with one of his football inspirations James Younghusband in an upcoming commercial with Master Sardines. He wants to play in professional tournaments. Eventually he wants to play for national team, specifically Futsal for the First and Second league. He is indeed a very nice lad and talking with him was easy.

Jake Cuenca talks about the movie and the challenges he faced in making it

Jake Cuenca does method acting and portrays his roles according to what is needed in the script. He works well with actors from his previous projects so this was nothing different. Since Jake and Carla are husband and wife here, Carla wanted to portray this role inspired by her own Mom. Jake was very comfortable with Carla right from the get go; but with the kid in the film... he admits he gets to only bond with him during the shoot; and that was a little challenging for him. A nine year old kid from the show Futbulilits plays this role. Kissing scenes for them were a normal thing, they already lost count how many they were and that's how comfortable they were. It was easy because when they arrived shooting the film they already acted like they were husband and wife. The wife Carla plays had problems staying at home and staying "fun" because she had to be a normal wife and mother. Jake on the other hand plays a playboy/non matured character. The marriage they belong to was getting boring and that's where they had problems. While Carla stays at home Jake owns a bar so there was always an excuse to still go out. Bullet, Jake's role was like a friend to his son, but was pretty distant to his wife since he thinks she matured too fast. The ending was very interesting he said so you should definitely watch it.

On His Past Relationship

He was asked about having his former partner join Bb. Pilipinas (he didn't even know that she did want to join) and said he would be happy with that. Jake says she's the best girlfriend anyone could have but says the reason why they broke up was "what her reasons were..."; he just agrees totally with it and sees he's kinda at fault. He was very humble and a little apologetic about it when asked. Quite admirable.

Seeing Carla Abellana

Carla says she's available as long as Mother Lily wants to make movies with her. She was bubbly and game even if it was really hot while on the set. She says acting maturely and the whole drama was part of her challenges in this film. She plays husband to Bullet; and as Jasmin she compares that Jake's and her role in this movie are well off than the other pair of Lovi Poe and Dennis Trillo. Though a little different they both have relationship struggles to go through. There are comparisons you might find very amusing and some a little off putting.

Carla Abellana is very pretty in person (I admit I was mesmerized! heheh!). This is to date her first daring role. It tested her limits and didn't hold back later on when the Director put her at ease. She admits though that she did have to think twice but in some point in her career she had to overcome her fears. Trusting Director Jun Lana was easy and says she asks him about her discomforts and easily suggests other acting methods which she surely treasures. There were no moments of awkwardness with Jake Cuenca and she thanks him for being so supportive and caring. When asked what she liked about the two lead actors in this film she said Dennis Trillo was very silent, the mysteriousness was actually part of his charm. Jake was the opposite because he was spontaneous and lively. There were no dull moments working with him. You can evidently see that on scenes.

She had very deep dimples, that's one thing I adore!
She was gorgeous and very down to Earth!

The Director

Director Jun Lana has produced some of the best shows in GMA and after talking with the Actors and Actresses in this movie they always have high regard for him and his craft. It was unanimous when they said he's the best one there is. He's excited that this movie will be shown on September 14. He's been very happy of the media hype this movie has been getting and hopes that everyone gets to enjoy resolving problems about marrying young. This is the main topic. How can you go wrong with award winning actors and a very good story? says Director Jun. They did not holdnback in showing skin too since they see it apt for the roles.

Working With the Cast

Direk Jun Lana said he only had some small difficulties. He was a little hesitant with Carla Abellana in the beginning because he didnt know how far he can stretch her acting wise or how daring can she go. He knew later on they could do it because they already talked about it on set. He had to also push Lovie Poe to do a lot of things out of the norm. He didn't want one thing to happen with her which is to be predictable on screen. Dennis Trillo and Jake Cuenca on the other hand was really great from the beginning, he just wanted them to do their best as always in portraying the role. He knows Dennis has already established his acting abilities even before so he considers him quite a veteran at this. Apart from the love scenes, he wasn't too happy with the weather either. This is his current passion project. He wants this to succeed even more than the other ones he made for the film outfit. Director Jun Lana in my opinion is very competetive and in some way would always want to make this film better than the last. That's a good thing in my books. People may think he is so strict but he is actually very approachable in person.

Director Jun Lana in action!

Sorry I didn't get to talk that much with Lovi Poe and Dennis Trillo. They were a joy to see and be with even for a short while. I'd probably be able to interview them next time! You would need to watch the movie on September 14th, 2011 to find out how their bits would play against Bullet and Jasmin. Their roles would come from a different perspective so make sure you drop by theaters to watch em!

I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two about love, the grueling stuff people go through friendship, marriage, betrayal and relationships. Thanks to everyone at Regal Films for accommodating us on the set! You guys are awesome!

To end this, here's the trailer! Watch this!




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