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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A couple of friends and I were hungry one evening while I had the worst craving for Mexican burrito. Thing is, we don't know how we would be able to satisfy ourselves when the only available options to eat from was food delivery from run of the mill fastfood joints. I'm so tired of just plain burgers and I wanted something different. I want a homey meal, I want something else on the menu and I didn't have any payment options to use other than GCASH. Globe made life easier for me when they introduced something this week and boy it's the GOOD NEWS that I've been waiting for all my hungry life! This is the tie up everyone's waiting for!

Now Quick Delivery and Globe GCASH brings to you a partnership like no other. With around 200+ restaurants under their belt it is something that people like me who live a fast paced life need to nourish themselves when we need it. Paying now via Globe GCASH options is as easy as 123 in Quick Delivery. They made sure that it performs as good as cash when ordering via phone or online. We even tested it out in the launch that afternoon and got so many restaurants deliver their food while we had a talk in Makati. Estimated time of arrival was one hour but of course you know Quick Delivery, they got the food there in less time!

We got Sango Rice burgers and awesome cakes from Banapple so easy because of this service. It only took a few minutes for the verification text to arrive in our handsets and confirm our MPINS for security purposes! I love it! It's going to make our lives easier bar none!

It got there hot and fast! Now if you guys don't want cakes and rice burgers there are other ones on the menu you can choose from... and did I forget to mention 200+ restaurants more?

Life is easy, thanks to GCASH and Quick Delivery I got my Burrito fix this evening. I love Ristras and they got it here hot and fresh... FAST! The steak strips on them were also perfectly cooked medium just like what I wanted it to be. So the next time you need something from these stores, call the number 2121212 and pay via GCASH... it's that easy!

Now let me get my hands on this buritto! Haha! :)


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