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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Staying in the sidelines, watching awesome guys and gals play their instruments and belt it out bigtime is my kind of a night. Throw in a bottle of Jack Daniels and that ladies and gentlemen completes what you call AWESOME! That's exactly what happened a couple of nights ago in the Eastwood Center Stage when The JD Set invaded the posh venue. Imagine the 7 greatest indie bands converging together with my personal favorite rock band RAZORBACK and the one and only URBANDUB! The evening just couldn't be any better!


I listen to him and Basti Artadi's podcast religiously, seeing this guy in the flesh while remembering how they take in booze and swear on video wasn't enough to do justice with this rock god... I just had to take his photo. It was awesome, their music? UNPARALLELED! It was really really nice! I can't even fathom how much I loved the noise that came out of their guitars, and the vocals was great! I wanted to faint at first bite but had to watch out for the other bands playing there too... please, don't wake me up if I'm dreaming!


I thought it was over but NO! It just dawned on me that the next seven bands were going to play at par with THE Razorback, and true enough they delivered their brand of music. Smooth yet very appealing, these guys didn't play the complacent fool. They went all out on this one and nobody got disappointed!

Writing their own music plus getting great individual musicians together to form this band, KELEVRA's unique sound dazed the crowd and the four corners of Eastwood City. The party just got hotter!

Surely I got loads of shots from the other bands too!

Did I forget to say that the host was Gorgeous too?! =)



These guys did something different. The wind instruments together with the usual was a treat for everyone that was there. You really knew that they were having a great time executing their music!

Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus

Have you watched the Munsters? Or maybe the Adam's Family?! Try to drive inspiration from that and combine it with a ROCK performance to die for. That's how this group actually sounds like. It's nice to hear something very different whilst the vocalist jumps around... it gets you in a good mood. It was really nice hearing them for the first time! You should too!


When URBANDUB came in, there was surely pandemonium! All the sidelines were filled up, eager to get a glimpse of the band and their music. Everybody was screaming on the top of their lungs while Gary Alipe simply rocked the venue. When the band sang their songs, they didn't need to do backup anymore because everyone else was singing their songs! It was crazy! It made everyone feel that natural high! When they stopped, the people broke out of their suits and raised their hands for an encore! It was truly an experience you can't forget! They can literally get Deftones a run for their money! I'm a fan obviously!

Now I purposely didn't show you the whole concert for one thing. You've got to watch it!But don't worry if you are somewhere remote and can't come to venues like these because THE JD SET will come to your area soon! That includes Visayas and Mindanao too so watch out for more updates on their Facebook page! This coincides with JD SETS around the world! You get to also vote for the best band while they go on tour for 7 months with established rock gods and the CHOSEN 7! They've got more of these concerts up their sleeves so like em now!

This is their upcoming gig! Don't miss it!

You've got your Jack Daniel's in one hand then your kind of music, the best bands, the best talents this industry can offer plus the ability to vote for THE ONE! Need I say more?!



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