Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There is joy, there is pain, there is love, there is laughter. There's no glorious feeling like getting married! You try and prepare yourself for the worst, get nervous in the ceremonies and just hope your relationship works out. Eugene Domingo, Wendell Ramos, Zanjoe Marudo and Box Office Queen Toni Gonzaga star in this hilarious movie called Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hinde!

This mini press conference was right after when Toni Gonzaga was declared as the Box Office Queen for the year 2011! Congratulations! You deserve it! My Amnesia Girl is probably everyone's favorite!

Zanjoe and Toni laughed off but was really open to the possibility of also falling inlove with each other if they didn't have prior commitments. Even Ms. Eugene Domingo was mentioned by Zanjoe because he also did adore her!

Zanjoe Marudo also said that he's wishing for a Wedding of his own soon, with the right person of course!

Toni Gonzaga invites each and every one of you to watch this hilarious movie Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi showing August 31, 2011 in theaters nationwide! Did you notice they've got a lot of films out this year?! It must be a good thing! :)

Thank you to everyone at Star Cinema and Octoarts Films!
Watch out for this movie!

Of course how can we not laugh at the antics of Ms. Eugene Domingo in love and relationships... how she interprets them in true blue TV Patrol level and style. How can we not take a moment and see how she tells the whole thing to Ms. Toni Gonzaga and have the best you know what in the movie. It's something you should definitely watch! The sheer combination of actors and actresses in their roles should alone convince you that this will be a HIT! This is after all directed by the one and only Jose Javier Reyes!

Will you just sit at home and miss this kind of movie?! I sure hope not! ;)


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ZaiZai said...

looking forward to this movie! toni is super pretty :) and of course zanjoe - is my future bf :)