The Fit Internet Connection

Monday, August 22, 2011

I've been configuring Cable and DSL connections for about 8 years now and I am quite an expert at it bar none. The countless hours' people spend in technical support costs dollars and connections like these aren't that of a breeze on some locations. However there are several wired or wireless technologies that people can acquire so that they can gain Internet access even on remote areas. There are fiber optic channels, dedicated lines or satellite internet connections that they can try out. It depends on the requirement of a household, small office/home office, medium sized businesses if this would substantially increase their revenue. The communication between this point and the outside world would tend to be faster making transactions easier in the long run. If that happens; business will flourish and would need less red tape in order to accomplish projects and earn from it too. That's one advantage of getting connected!

Satellite connections or any other type of connection can work well with a Router too. Just as long as it can accommodate the rate of data that it receives from a DHCP server (usually 10/100 or GIGABIT speeds). The DNS Servers will also point to specific web sites that it needs to go to. The public IP address can also be used to remotely manage devices or computers that are connected to the network. It will be useful for anyone who's on the go or want to manage their businesses from a remote location! Aren't you amazed with what technology can do?! =) What fits you?!


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