The "Western Union - Kumagcow How Connected You Are" Challenge

Saturday, August 06, 2011

It's time, it's time! We're going to do the contest today so I need you to do a couple of things before everything else; but don't worry I'll keep this simple!


This contest is open only to residents of Metro Manila/nearby provinces who must be willing to pick up their prizes in a designated meeting place within the metro. (No, if you can't pick it up we'll probably give it to someone else who can so don't ask if you would like to just send representatives okay?!)

1. Go to and allow the application so you can see how connected you are in Your World. Simply click the button on top that says Post to Facebook and it will indicate your Country Rank. Take note of it. Get that information and place a comment on the Kumagcow wall in this format.

I'm the "#Country Rank"th most connected person in the Philippines. Thank you for letting me know Western Union and Kumagcow!

(make sure the Kumagcow page located at is tagged throughout the duration of the contest okay?! because I'll get your names there. Tip: if it doesn't load the application right away on the Western Union site, try pressing F5 or Refresh. It takes time if you have lots of friends so be patient.)

2. Answer this question by commenting on that same post on my wall.

What are the 3 pages/sections of Clue: Our H______y, Our W_____d, Your W_____d.

It's as simple as that!

After I get your names through the Kumagcow page I'll pick up One Winner who will get 2,000 Pesos worth of SODEXHO gift certificates.

It's accepted in a lot of stores nationwide so it's as good as cash!

Deadline for entries will be on August 21, 2011 at exactly 12 PM so make sure you join this one okay?! Winner will be drawn through video witnessed by my parents/relatives. This will also be posted on my website

Note: Sorry I can't allow my relatives to join this contest!

Aren't you excited?! I know I am! :)

Thank you so much to our friends at Western Union Philippines for making this possible!



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Bino Montilijao Bautista said...

at dahil sa switzerland napunta ang rank ko, promote ko na lang sa fanpage ko ang contest na to. sayang ang 2k! :D

JoMi said...

Hi, John! I've just joined your contest. Rock on! =)

Bambit said...

Hi John, joined! This is going to be fun :)

KUMAGCOW said...

Salamat Jomi hehe :)

KUMAGCOW said...

Sumali ka nukaba hahaahaha

Leomer said...

Our History, Our World, Your World

cuteberl said...

I'm the 1360ST most connected person in the Philippines. Thank you for letting me know Western Union and Kumagcow!
Our History, Our World, Your World

gagay said...

too bad!  am staying in Cebu! :(

levy martinez said...

I have just joined :))

Bec said...


blankPixels said...

Posted this on my wall and your Facebook page, with a screenshot from the Western Union app / site.

Mai said...

Joined po! Thanks!

Gene said...

Joining the giveaway!

For some reason I'm having problems tagging Kumagcow. Just to make sure I made a screencap instead (posted in Kumagcow wall) and posted another wall post in my profile.
FB post in Kumagcow's wall: post in my profile:

Justin Beltran said...