Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo. She's a breath of fresh air. She's the undisputed Queen of Soap Operas in the Philippines. How can we live without her in Primetime TV? That's a question that was answered a couple of days ago when a new program was launched with her in the starring role. Unlike her other programs, this one was TOTALLY DIFFERENT and she's going to host here. Have you heard of Junior Master Chef?! Yeap! It's here in the Philippines and it's taking primetime viewing to the next level... watch how 60 Filipino kids from around the archipelago battle it out in the Philippine Master Chef kitchen this August!

Acting as judges in this prestigious program are some of the greatest Chef's that the country has ever produced. Chef Fernando Aracama and his 30 years of experience in the kitchen speaks for himself. Properly called "The Maestro" he will impart his knowledge and wisdom in the kitchen to these kids. Who can NOT know the one and only Chef Rolando Laudico? He's probably one of the pioneers in Pinoy Fusion. He's also got an ice cream flavor under his belt. Trained in America and France he'll surely be teaching these kids a thing or two about what Filipino cuisine should be in the future. Chef JP Anglo learned the best things in hawker woks and stalls in Singapore. He also is schooled in the best ones in Australia. Knowledgeable and experienced in Asian cooking, he'll tell us how we Filipinos fare in a global standpoint. These kids are very lucky they get to be with Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo and these three Chefs... they'll even tell you the stories behind their journey. Some heartbreaks in between will happen as they cut these kids into 20 pretty soon. Watch out for that!

Make sure you turn your remotes to ABSCBN Channel 2 and it's regional stations come August 20, Saturday as they launch this program with an "Appetizer: The Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition Primer" so you get to meet the 60 young kitchen stars. If you want to see who will win a Million pesos and a lot of other things, watch "Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition"'s regular showing on August 27 on the same channel. Capisce?! Get ready to cook!

Here are some photos from the Press Conference!


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Bino Montilijao Bautista said...

napanood ko ung junior masterchef australia at naging paborito ko tong cooking reality show. hopefully mapantayan o malagpasan ng pinoy edition ang masterchef ng australia

KUMAGCOW said...

Of course magiging hit ito! Lalo na kung mapanood ni Bino Bautista mula sa Damuhan! Meynteyn! LOL

ZaiZai said...

wow! you saw juday na, ingit ako :) looking forward to seeing junior master chef :)

sandeep kumar said...

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Happy cooking

Neha Ali said...

well i was thinking that jennifer won