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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have to tell you something. This is something I really believe in. People in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world should not experience hunger. It's inexcusable to see someone ask for food when others even have an eight course meal in one sitting. We can all do what we can but we only can do so much. I am not a hero by any shape or form but I want to help. I think that alone can make a difference. It's what the World Food Program has been doing these past few years. Have you heard of them?!

If not, I would like to enjoin you to visit and check out the ways to get involved. You might think that you can't do anything to save kids and give them a hot meal with what little contribution you can make. A simple sacrifice of a coffee cup, splurge on food or shopping can literally equate to a lot of kids getting that needed nourishment here and elsewhere in the globe. Africa has been one of the hardest hit but Asia and the Philippines is not too far from it either. We have people who need it specially in Mindanao where armed conflicts are displacing hundreds of families. Some of them lose their livelihood, access to education and cannot start a new life after war. The situation is terrible but you still see a good sense of hope in their eyes, please help in whatever way you can. You can start by getting involved!

All these are available on the web site I mentioned above. You can click the images and go to the site and see for yourself how to do it. Nothing is impossible so make sure you tell your friends and family how. It takes a few informed people to let a million be educated about it so start with the people you know.

Bloggers can help too. I'm part of the Bloggers Against Hunger Movement. We can help spread the word to everyone and harness the power of Social Media. We have access to people and if you start letting them know how to help that'll be a lot already. We have a lot of avenues we just need to let them see that no matter how small or big they can contribute it can help feed kids and families from Somalia, Mogadishu, a lot of other places and our own country the Philippines. Start by going here! CLICK THIS

You can definitely help! Let's do our share and fight hunger!


For more information please visit their website!

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