The BUM COSPLAY Contest Launch!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

COSPLAY has actually gone leaps and bounds in the Philippines; and true enough they live a lifestyle out of the ordinary. They have large groups willing to dress up to play the roles of their favorite anime character or video game hero. They go to big conferences and even host them on their own. That's how big this industry has become and it is seriously a niche that the Fashion industry should tap into. Lo and behold! BUM Equipment is starting it with a big contest to get their merchandise incorporated to the COSPLAY inspired looks! Not kidding!

COSPLAY? Or so I thought was the last thing that came into my mind when fashion is concerned, unless it's those mei dolls from Harajuku that is. But there were different takes on how to attack this particular method of incorporating that and the dark, emo, rock - chic it's been carrying around since its inception. Making a whole character out of it looks like very challenging too. I'm sure both fashionistas, stylists, designers, Cosplayers and photographers would need to work together to make that perfect character that BUM needs to represent their line. A grand fashion show also was slated to show some of the best entries backed up by some of the greatest cosplayers this country has ever produced. We saw some samples exhibited in the launch, they were all good interpretations I might say!

All entries must have that BUM factor that the brand is looking for. Costumes will also be submitted to them prior to the fashion show then returned after it. This your chance of making it in the industry and bag a brand new Nikon DSLR camera, phone, a Samsung digicam and goodies from BUM. Make sure you submit those photos now because the LIKE period runs from August 8, 2011 to October 30, 2011. Winners will be announced on October 31, 2011. They will all be included in the BUM Fashion Show slated in November. So guys and gals get those BUM shirts and apparel from your favorite stores nationwide and make that COSPLAY inspired outfits now!

Thank you so much to BUM's management that answered questions from the online community and media promptly. They have addressed quite a number of issues with the mechanics of the contest and I'm sure this will be successful! Their grand plan to take everyone to the DARKSIDE real soon has been revealed... so watch out for what's next from BUM!

Did I forget to mention? Dino Imperial and Empress Schuck was there too!

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