3M and Good Housekeeping Good Ideas Workshop

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Good Housekeeping Good Ideas Workshop

The good people who make those excellent Post It's 3M Corporation Philippines and Good Housekeeping Magazine publisher Summit Media held a workshop entitled Good Ideas last July 30 at the event place of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. They brought along health, style and design experts along so people there would learn a thing or two about how to keep their homes organized, make it spick and span. I learned a couple of things too!

Dr. Patricia Santos-Abes is an Allergologist and head of the Allergy and Immunology Section of the Asian Hospital. She gave a lot of tips on how to keep the home and your family safe from allergens which causes countless diseases. Cleaning up and making sure you have some things that could filter your air were some of the few things she showed beneficial to everyone's health. Samples of what bad microbes and disease causing bacteria could do were shown to the public in that event. I took note on some of the obvious things but learned more about the products that could help eliminate the possibilities of me getting sick in the long run. There were also lessons about how pets can also carry these elements and made sure everyone knows how it would affect home owners if they keep these four legged family members inside the home. She gave some tips how to use Filtrete for Air Conditioning units and told us how it could do a lot of things for our health by improving indoor air quality and ventilation. That's just smart!

Also in that event was Johanna Victoria Acab - Faustino who is the Principal designer of Ideal Interior Design Services. Aside from being an Interior Designer, she's a well decorated herself LOL! She's a Cum Laude, graduated from UP Diliman and ranked third overall in the licensure exams 1998. Pretty and stylish, she made a great presentation about how people can simply get their simple homes jazzed up with a couple of style ideas and organize it with small knickknacks from 3M particularly the damage free hanging solutions from Command and the furniture savior Scotch Gard. We were also treated to some of her tips on storage solutions and how to maximize space. We also were shown how to get things together and how to achieve the real eclectic look. It's not a mumbo jumbo; but a pretty simple concept and a design philosophy. Pretty neat!

The event was hosted by Ms. Issa Litton-To. Beautiful isn't she?!

People who attended the event also participated in the games prepared by the organizers.
They won a lot of 3M products! Congratulations!

3M Corporation Philippines is starting off it's advocacy on home space management in the country and their solutions are phenomenal! Congratulations on holding a wonderful event!



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