The zEnterprise Mainframe Servers: For Larger, Smarter Computing Needs

Monday, August 08, 2011

First off, I would like to congratulate IBM Philippines for having Sang Yoong Yi as the new Country Manager for their Systems and Technology Group.
Welcome to the Philippines!

Robert "Bob" Neidig is the Program Director for Worldwide Sales Systems and Technology Group in IBM. He took quite a number of tough questions from Media and the technology bloggers. It was easy for him though because imagine what 40 years of experience in Mainframe technologies would do.

When we saw the initial release of the zEnterprise Mainframe Servers this year we thought it wasn't going to get better than that! Here goes IBM releasing another IBM zEnterprise System version that's space saving, practically 25% more energy efficient and powerful than it's closest predecessor. The IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe server which is part of the IBM zEnterprise System line was tailor made for institutions like large banks, insurance companies or government offices that require computing power with large database requirements and mainframe capabilities. For medium enterprise corporations that forecast growth even on the IT resources side this would be a perfect addition to any armament so upgrades and eventual expansion should be a cinch.

It's remarkable that if you also compute the savings tri-annually it could dish out around80% as compared to usual consolidated servers. Those on the other hand would require you a whole football field just for space alone. Imagine how much is packed on these towers and you probably would believe how economics play in this game. Add to that the required power and logistics of having it cooled down because the temperature of that is no joke either.

This new system is quite remarkable as it predecessors; not to mention it's capability to work on a couple of platforms. It can support select System x blades that can run both Linux x86 and Windows applications in the future too. The zEnterprise 114 mainframe server can help simplify most data centers because of its ability to manage workloads across mainframes, POWER7 and System x servers. It would act like a single system eliminating redundancy or wastage in cycles making each routed traffic extremely efficient. With it's zEnterprise Blade Center Extension (zBX) corporations that utilize this can extend the mainframe qualities. It's ability to govern and manage resources and run workloads across multiple platforms can be done without any hitches. That's how efficient this new system is. Did I mention that it can run all the existing zEnterprise Operating system which includes the new z/OS V1.13 too?! It also complies with industry standards plus applies a couple of encryption features worked on by the men and women behind IBM Research and Development. So you are sure you get the best deal plus the power that you require with less overall hassle.

The zEnterprise Mainframe Servers are on a class of its own. We actually asked them a weird question (well I did) because at the level they are playing there are no more competitors and they are actually only making their existing hardware better. They were not worried about eventual profit loss because as they continue to make these enterprise level machines available for up and coming industries they would be able to still work with their existing platforms and take it up a notch. Research and Development in IBM took years and they invested a lot in it. True enough they have steadily seen growth and have lead the market eventually. They have however not stopped improving what they currently have; and that's a nice bit to start their centennial celebration isn't it?!

If you have large corporate expansions in the plans I suggest you take a look at what IBM has to offer and enjoy the joys of having your ROI's realized. The zEnterprise Mainframe Servers will surely deliver what others right now are only dreaming of. IBM also thought about interoperability and made sure corporations save economically and still be environmentally adept. They didn't just think about themselves, they thought about YOU! This is after all, smarter computing.


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