Sunday, August 21, 2011

The house I saw in one real estate show was phenomenal. It was my dream house! The show probably did no justice to some of the things laid in gardens those even incorporated at home. Sometimes I wish I knew
how to build a koi pond so I'd be able to make my place grand like that! It's something I want my family to have soon.

Having a KOI pond at home in Chinese FENG SHUI culture is lucky and you have to know where to exactly place them. Even if they are kind of exotic in one sense or another it's actually easy to take care of it. Maintenance wise, it would be a breeze! I also think about making this a DIY project pretty soon or maybe have it professionally done if the scale requires me to do it. Our country home needs a little renovation and maybe we can incorporate this into that. We would be the envy of our neighbors! I can't wait!

The modern day aquariums can probably suffice but with the natural thing being IN now I'd probably rethink that twice. This day and age needs something shown in a natural habitat and if we can't make this easy idea a reality I don't know what will. Have you ever considered having one at home?! Have you seen houses with these on them?! Pretty cool huh?! :) It's a good thing!



ZaiZai said...

i would love to have a koi pond. very relaxing manuod ng mga fish :)

Steph Traveliztera said...

We have a small KOI pond at home, and it's enough to give that oomph di ba? Sana magkaroon ka rin ng lucky pond soon! ! ! pag may misis na ;) Pag ako nag asawa, I'll make sure may ganyan din kmi hehehehe