Men's Guilty Pleasure: Nivea For Men

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Men like it as it is. They don't like girlie stuff and the things HE use in the shower usually stays a secret. The usual suspects would probably be what "women use" but the best brand didn't stay complacent with what they have in the market.They released Nivea's men's line and oh boy; that was the time I lined up in the groceries/drug store for the best things they have. For a guy that spends an hour in the shower and a couple of minutes more looking at himself in the mirror I needed it so bad. My regimen always had to have their shower and shaving gel plus the balm that soothes my skin. It was addicting! I had to have more obviously. I was so glad to be invited to their event a few days ago to try out some of their best products that fight acne, oil, promote whitening and make us stay as good looking, younger, longer, better!

This testosterone filled event wasn't as easy as I thought it would be as you can see. We had to go through circuit training in the posh 360 Fitness Club in Makati. I tried as much as possible to stay in the sidelines and play possum. That didn't work, I tried lunges, lifts, push ups and the usual run of the mill workouts but in a very staggered pace. The games were so much fun so we didn't really think it was tiring. It was exciting!

They didn't leave us in the dark. They carefully explained to us the products that they have a I adored them all! It took me time to actually use them all since I live in a crazy schedule. There are different remedies for oily skin but for some its like an impossible battle to win. Their line gently fights the 8 major causes of oily skin and promises huge improvements in a few days. I tried it out myself just for those who doubt them while reading this article LOL and of course it delivered! My skin stayed as nice as it is, but now i worry less about developing oily skin later on the day. When i got home it didn't develop that sticky feeling that occurs when I don't get to visit the men's room that often. The moisturizer does what it's supposed to. It hydrates my skin without making it oily again in the long run. It makes me irresistible haha! :) o if I were you I'd get this one today!

I shave every two days and I need something that would be able to soothe my skin every time I do it. After I use their awesome shaving foam I immediately follow it up with the balm and moisturizer. Yes ladies and gentlemen, as much as I hate to admit it I have a kikay kit LOL! To keep my looks as clean as I want it to, spending time for grooming is quite important and this is something that I always make sure I have time for. Some people tell me I look younger than my real age because I take care of my skin. With the proper skin regimen this is really not hard to achieve. It's not too late guys, you can still fight the ravages of time and keep yourself looking stress free!

Thanks to the wonderful people from Nivea for hooking us up with everything good with Men's grooming. Btw, if you are looking for the best deo I currently am trying the Nivea Silver Protect and it works wonders. It looks like I can wear this for 48 hours but of course I need to shower twice or thrice a day! The scent is very musky and cold so it's VERY manly. You won't have to smell like powder or flowers anymore like other brands. :)

As for my other Nivea addictions, we're still going to keep that habit! :)



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