The Stylish and Bold Colors of Alcatel

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

You and I probably grew up in this nation of great men and women with a few brands dominating the texting capital of the world; the Philippines. Alcatel recently launched a couple of phone models to the delight of Android fanatics here and around the globe. Yes they have taken the step to make Android specific application capable phones available in the Philippine market. Initially they only had around 3 phone models but now they will get 10 more out there and more in the coming years.

Proud as they are they didn't actually give people a problem in the price department because they believe in value for money. Imagine an Android phone that only costs around 6K-10K++ when other brands account to the 20K mark. They also have phones that have dual sim capabilities perfect for those who switch networks. They also have a running sale available in major malls nationwide and you should definitely watch out for that!

Models that I think you should consider taking a look at are these!

onetouch blaze 906

Android 2.2 Froyo, 3G+HSPDA, Wifi, 2MP camera, A-GPS, MP3, FM Radio, Expandable memory. Touchscreen, Bluetoth, Push Mail and G-Sensor.

onetouch blaze 990

Android 2.2 Froyo, 3G+HSPDA, Wifi, 5MP camera with LED, A-GPS, Capacitive Touch, 3.5inch display, MP3, FM Radio, Touch screen, Bluetooth, Expandable Memory and G-Sensor

onetouch blaze duo 890D

Android 2.2 Froyo, Wifi, 2MP camera, Dual Sim, Facebook, Twitter, MP3, FM Radio, Touch screen, Bluetooth, Expandable Memory, GPRS, EDGE and G-Sensor

What I like about these models is the memory expansion. There is room for more applications and things that would concern multimedia users plus social network capabilities. It would be boring if it didn't have those. If you compare what it does for "again" the price point, they won it already.

Harry Au General Manager Asia Pacific for Alcatel OneTouch and Darren Sy of Clearsight Corporation took time to explain what advantages you would have if you got these phones.

Of course since we do things in a different way in our Lifestyle site and we need to give you fashion overload too. Here's a mini fashion show during the launch featuring these awesome new phones from Alcatel:

And that's why you should take a look at the Stylish and Bold Colors of Alcatel!


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Traveliztera said...

uuy grabe ang ganda ng phone! simple pero stylish at ANDROID!