The Western Union Network Challenge

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you know how connected you are in Facebook vs the world?!
Their app can literally get that information, show it to you and more!

Life lessons can be learned from experience and we can't have enough of it. History in itself explains the who, what, when, where and how's of the country you live in and I'm glad I live in a noble one called The Philippines. Today, we have a few million people living outside the country that still send help to their relatives/friends here and it's like part of the culture. Almost every family in our 80 million strong population have one or two relatives elsewhere in the world and that plays a significant part in nation building; a fact that Western Union knows. They made a site that would graphically explain everything to the ordinary Juan/Pedro. Initiatives that impressed people like me who spends quite a lot of time in the blue collared industry.

You can also see graphical representations of different economic aspects here and around the world. You can see how ours fare versus other nations. You will see how much aid a country gets, export growth, foreign investment, remittances, GDP rates, import growth and population. This is essential to predicting and verifying the economic stability of a country. Without looking at previous data and comparing them to the current one today: not a single member would make sense.

When asked about the application and the site about its incapacity to earn or generate income, Ms. Angela Heng VP for Corporate Affairs said that they are doing this as service to help people better understand Western Union and its history. What a noble gesture from one great corporation celebrating it's 160th year in the business.

Since Western Union is one of the world's most connected corporations, they are looking for the most networked person in the world by the use of the Social Media network Facebook and a site they dedicated for this located at You can compare with your friends and show them how globally connected you are. Check out your Facebook photos after using the application and you'll get an idea how connected you are (in photos) too! Your personal score will also contribute to your respective country of residence; so the app will soon know who's the most geographically connected country.

I have my friends and family in around 29 countries around the world; and it was shown there too!

Since the Philippines is one of the most well connected people in the world, Western Union is using the data to be gathered with this application to also know how we would rank against other countries. If their theories are correct we probably would place second to one or more first world countries. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Would you want to rank first? Why don't you visit the site and use the application now; tell me how you fare against other Pinoys and people across the globe!

These guys already took the challenge; so why don't you?!


Thanks to the generous people at Western Union because we'll have a contest about this! That's coming up in a few days! Watch out for that! =)



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