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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Online transactions are very risky and I know how Filipinos tend to shy away from purchasing things online; but in this day and age there are SO MANY BANKS/SERVICES OUT THERE that you can't decide where to go to and how. This is what network giant Globe (G-Xchange, Inc. thru GCASH Services) and banking powerhouse Unionbank of the Philippines (EON, E-Wallet, ePayCard, Savings and Checking Accounts) are gunning to simplify. Watch how they do this now with better choices and naxinizw Internet related secured connectivity.

Purchasing through online retail stores like Amazon, Ebay or Multiply these card and GCASH services are but of a normal sight. Some prefer GCASH or the EON Card/Visa services or Paypal debit transactions in order to pay for products they want to buy. This is a huge market indeed and in order to make things better for all consumers G-Xchange and Union Bank of the Philippines joined forces to bring you a partnership that would benefit all of us... it's called eMoney XCHANGE.

Let me tell you why online shoppers and bloggers prefer UNIONBANK's EON Card first over the other banks. First of all, there are only a few reputable paying services in the United States/Philippines and if you are getting financial transactions over the Internet the preferred medium is Paypal. Before you can get your Paypal Account registered it asks for a bank number. This particular number isn't normally given nor well known by banks. This information is readily available though on the Internet for UNIONBANK of the Philippines and they only charge a very minimal amount every time you transfer funds. The EON card is the best in the market for this function. Probably 80% of social media users like me use their EON Card because they only charge 50 pesos for it plus no maintaining balance to worry about. The 250 peso fee per annum is so cheap. Did you know that the other banks would charge you a whopping 250 - to a few thousand of pesos per transaction just for that function alone to work? That's a holdup in my dictionary. This card also connected to Bancnet/Megalink/Expressnet so you get the easiest ways to pay for your bills and local purchases (if you want to use it as a debit card). Do you now see my point why why I chose to get an EON Card?

Globe on the other hand through it's subsidiary G-Xchange Incorporated's GCASH has been making Filipino lives easier these past few years. Remittances (from OFW's and your relatives) and purchases in the local market has been done on this medium and preferred by more establishments - websites nationwide. I use it to even purchase products for photography on merchant place Multiply and haven't got any hitches at all. If there's a partner establishment outside the Philippines I'm sure it will be easy to get your money to the Philippines with GCASH facilities less the humongous bank fees associated with that. With this synnergy Globe is excited to partner up with Union Bank of the Philippines and make things better for you and me. You can now transfer funds from the EON Card and your Globe Handyphone!

How?! That's Easy!

To transfer Money from your Globe GCASH wallet to your preferred Union Bank of the Philippines Account just text G2U space and send it to 2318. This will only charge you 7.50 pesos per transaction. If you want to transfer funds from your Union Bank Account to your Globe GCASH Wallet Text U2G space and send it to 2318 also. Same charges apply. To inquire for your balance in the Union Bank account just text BAL to 2318 and they will charge you only 2.50 pesos for that! Isn't that a steal?!

If you haven't activated your GCASH services on your Globe Handyphone here's how!

Go to the Globe Postpaid and Prepaid Icon (Settings>Phone>Sim Applications if you are using an IPHONE). In the GCASH menu select Register and follow the instructions indicated. You can now easily put funds on your GCASH Wallet through available 18,000++ stores nationwide.

How do I enroll to the Service?!

Call Union Bank of the Philippines at their customer hotline number 841-86-00 and register your account and Globe Mobile number. You shall receive a text message containing instructions on how to activate it. Please visit their website for more information!

With the addition of these services to their current portfolio, Globe and Union Bank of the Philippines would service more small to medium enterprise/small depositors and make their lives easier with this cooperation. In the end they only want to take care of their customers, I'm one of them; and hopefully you would soon be too!


Visit their website!

or call 2882 for FREE from your Globe or TM mobile phone for more information.

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