The Proposal

Friday, July 22, 2011

It was a big secret and I was into it. I didn't really know what would happen that day; but since he's my cousin I went ahead and said yes for all the wrong (of course not!) and right reasons. I was happy for him and true enough we went ahead with the plan. The plan was for him to settle down but this wasn't an ordinary way to do it! He's got their engagement rings set, wedding rings and the whole brouhaha organized in just a couple of days. I was so glad to be a part of it!

I went up this huge building over the metro's business district and waited an hour or two. It was a radio station and the DJ was a friend of my cousin. They talked about this already so I didn't really have to brief them. When they arrived everyone became nervous. I didn't know how to shoot them secretly or even look at them straight in the eye. Since I was there already I just went with the flow. The DJ started a topic about traffic and higher toll fees during the show while we sat on the side and listened. They asked a question or two from callers and proceeded to ask my cousin. They pretended to ask around again and did it to the pretty young lady in this story. She didn't even want to move to the microphone and begged off to be aired on national radio. When she did they asked more questions. My cousin almost fainted from nervousness but went ahead and popped the question. Out came the gorgeous ring and she was really surprised! People became teary eyed in the station. I started shooting and even tried to manage to get a video recording. The moments were precious and I didn't want to lose any detail. It was heartwarming and something out of the ordinary. She gave a resounding YES to him. We smiled, he got relieved and cried (of course he won't admit that!). It was nice to see them so in love with each other. It was one of the nicest things I've ever seen in my life. I'm happy for my cousin and his fiancée. Really happy!

They just asked everyone to save the date on January and I'm sure this will be so much fun! I'm very happy his fiancée will soon be part of our family. I hope for the best on their wedding day!



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ZaiZai said...

ang sweet naman! kakaiyak ang mga proposals no? :)