University of the East - PEP Rally 2011

Thursday, July 07, 2011

You probably all know that I live and bleed RED. I'm a warrior by birth and by right. My folks graduated in UE and so did I. Dad was a former Red Warrior and Red Shirt, Mom taught classes when high school was still around that era. I was blessed to have the chance to be one of the members of the Red Tribe. It's a community where Alumni, Students and Faculty from all over the world meet. I realize that we might not have the actual number to overwhelm other UAAP counterparts, but we have something good going on. We have HEART, that WARRIOR SPIRIT carries us on... even on days when everybody else was losing hope we still stuck it out with the Red Warriors. You can count on that!

Proud as we are; we try our best to seek and help those lost souls who often just sits quietly in the bylines and couldn't root for our varsity teams because they felt alone, felt they were too old and out of place among the sea of students who frequent the stands. We never knew we could be this big and still remain intimate. Our main goal is to have the whole crowd be called the Red Tribe. I'm glad the pioneers still have the time and spunk to continue what we are doing until now. It's one of the proudest things I felt as a Warrior, I felt more of that when I went to the University of the East PEP Rally in the Recto Campus.

The University of the East Fencing team did not just bring prestige to our school, but the entire country! The Southeast Asian Games was a cinch for them!

It was nice to see we have a Juniors Volleyball Team, we need to start training these athletes early in order to get more exposure in these games.

I haven't been seeing their games because of lack of information on their schedules + my schedule sucks. I'm sure these guys would give the other schools one heck of a fight like any Red Warrior team would do. Good luck on your games!

Look at the crowd just before the things started, this is 9AM and it was pretty early for me. I came from graveyard work but went from Eastwood to Recto (and stay awake!) just to get to this PEP Rally. I got to see the other teams there as well.

Just look at these kids. They are called the UE KID WARRIORS. They will surely get to be better basketball players when they grow up! If we start this early I'm sure the elusive Championship would not be far behind!

Fresh from their trip they gave us a treat! The UE CHORALE has proven to be one of the best in the world by winning 2 Gold Medals in the recently concluded 2011 Harmonie Festival, Germany. We also have their Conductor and Choir Master Ms. Anna Tabita Abeleda-Piquero to thank for that! Congratulations guys and gals!

Of course! How can we forget THE UE RED WARRIORS MEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM! I'm impressed with the lineup even though other schools would just shrug us off thinking they can win just because of their imports LOL! We are staying ALL FILIPINO this season and not to discount VERY GOODLOOKING! Our team will be one hell of a great team to beat when the games commence. I am so proud that former WARRIOR and Professional Defense Minister Jerry Codiñera will lead the whole team and the tribe to get that Championship we all wish for!

Just with the actual formation of the team, I congratulate everyone who is behind this! The fight maybe tough but I'm sure we'll win this no matter what!

Here are some of the Warriors you need to take note of!

Our Team Captain Paul Christian C. Zamar will use his experience and skills to beat tough opponents this season! (Asahan ka ng Red Tribe ah! Hehehehe!) He got lots of SHREIKS from the female students... I'm not surprised though! Ha-ha!

This guy is Shej Roi D. Sumang. He's THE GUY to watch out for. His game is "SUPERIOR" and we may be owing a lot of our wins on his shoulders. He's quiet but he'll explode in the court when you least expect it. He was from Letran in high school. I'm rooting for him this season. We only have 2 tall guys and we'll work them like a horse so these key players will have to spend more time making points and equalizing the floor come game time. He's one tough cookie! Adrian Santos needs to step up as always too.

This guy looks like our glamor boy for this season (remember Xian Lim??). I know, the other schools must have run out of looks by now LOL! He's Nikko Montelibano, a very promising 6ft2 shotblocking and rebounding master that we recruited from RTU. He's one heck of a player! Yes, I heard screams from the girls too!

Like an angel coming down from heaven, his aura was really beaming. Everyone was a little or more starstruck at the sight of our Coach Jerry Codiñera. It's my first time to see him in the flesh! So did a lot of other people from UE. We have a lot of expectations but just do your best Coach! Bring out that Warrior Heart in each of our games!

Thank you to University of the East Recto people for letting me in even if I'm an alumni from UE Caloocan. Hope I won't have hitches next time! Thank you also to Team Manager Executive Director Jesus T. Tanchanco Sr. who gave a small talk with the UE RED TRIBE! Please do expect us in games wherever, whenever!

Good luck to the UE RED WARRIORS! Do your best okay?!

I'm proud to be a Warrior! and I'd die like one! =)


Here's the video in HD!

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ic3mint said...

Great article bro! God bless the UE Red Warriors! And I must say, the UE Junior Boys Volleyball will  win it
 all again this year just like the past 7 years!Bomba UE!

ZaiZai said...

nice post and pics kumagcow! :)

tinkerbell said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing :)