Questions on Weight Loss

Thursday, July 28, 2011

One fact that we established in the office is that we are getting bigger by the day. The lack of exercise, improper diet and habitual takeout orders became a norm for us that it made weight loss quite a struggle. We decided to make a contest out of it and the official weigh in started a month ago. I needed to lose quite a lot and I dare not mention my weight here. It basically falls on the obese range and it isn't funny when every physical exam that we do yearly; the prognosis is still the same. I tried a local diet pill here in our side of the world but it wasn't the best thing to take while on a work day. You kind of go into a cycle of taking it on some days and stopping for a few. The irregular visits to the comfort room were really inconvenient too. I hated it in fact because it's the last thing you need while a meeting is going on and it strikes. The food intake didn't also change because I starve myself and binge after a few days. It spelled YOYO diet all over! I'm going to try some reputable carb blockers instead and maybe that would help.

I haven't officially taken the courage to check and see if I did lose weight. I feel the weighing scales at home were hiding from me when I tried to do that. I probably would just go to our office clinic and try the official weigh in there after 3 months. The winner will get to win a few thousand bucks plus a treat to a local pizza parlor to take those shed weights back LOL! We do want to live a healthy lifestyle don't get me wrong. I will continue to go to gym even after all of these are through. I need to change my diet and my way of life. I'll be a little lighter than usual and get to finish things much faster. Our bodies need to be at par with what are brains can do. This is my personal goal for this year. My office mates did insane workouts and they lost a lot of weight during the first few weeks. I hope I can do the same with the gym time and diet pills I plan to take from here on. I hate to lose!

How about you guys?! Have you done weight loss efforts this year? What was effective for you? What didn't work? Let me know what you think so I can apply them to myself too okay?! Thanks!



pusangkalye said...

ito yung namiss ko nung Sat dahil sa biglang uwi namin sa would have been nice to rub elbows with those artists.wag lang akong itabi sa 143 na yan baka magmukha akong magsasaka.lols

Runaway Bee said...

I never have problem with my weight... but this a good articles for my bro... he2...

Steph Traveliztera said...


ang exciting naman kasi may ka-contest ka! hehe!
sa'kin kasi, when i arrived here, i gained 10kg! so dinare ako ng mga classmates ko na ibalik ung dating katawan ko... so far, in 1 month, d ko alam anong fat weight ang natanggal ko kasi nagbubuhat din ako so d ko lam ilang muscle weight nadagdag pero i dropped 4 sizes sa pants. ang secret ko is ung 20-minute workout pa rin ni  jillian michaels haha un lang talaga ngpapapayat sakin. kahit dami ko kumaen. haha
good luck syo a! kaya mo yan

KUMAGCOW said...

hayyyy stephy sana nga :(