2011 Goodyear Highway Heroes!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

After the overwhelming success of the awards ceremonies last year, this is another one to honor those outstanding men and women who have exceptionally gone the extra mile to help someone who is in need. They maybe ordinary people but Goodyear identifies these heroes who made remarkable achievements in their own right. They call it aptly GOODYEAR BAYANI NG KALSADA. We were so eager to be part of this momentous occasion! True enough... we were impressed about what we saw in the videos before the actual awarding ceremonies. Here are the highlights!

Esteemed journalist and broadcaster Cito Beltran hosted the show. I adore his impeccable command of the Filipino language! He was so alive and animated in person! It was an honor to see him there!

Goodyear Philippines Managing Director Gerry Alava opens the awards ceremonies and talked about the importance of recognizing these good souls. Goodyear has always been pro active in nation building and will continue to hold these yearly with the support of private corporations and government offices.

Secretary Alberto Suansing (current chairman) has continued to support this cause. Road safety is one particular aspect in his line of work that he truly believes in. He has been with them for a couple of years now.

Serenading us and the awardees was this young lady. She sang "Follow Your Road" flawlessly and probably a note higher. Quite impressive.

It was really a tough job for the judges to choose who would actually receive the awards for the best heroes in Luzon, Vizayas, Mindanao and NCR... let alone the Grand Champion too. Everyone really deserved one and these guys from different corporations did it.

David Montenegro who hailed from Cavite rushed a man to the hospital after he found him unconscious inside a jeepney while bystanders just shrugged him off.

Herdy Bandillon from Bohol got his fellow motorist to the hospital after getting held up and stabbed multiple times. Pretty remarkable.

Mr. Esmeraldo Magandam of Davao found a girl trying desperately to rush her Aunt to the hospital. She suffered a stroke and he got her there in the nick of time.

Richard Paragas of Caloocan City cried when he came up the stage. He never knew something like this would get him recognized because he thought he just did the right thing any man would do in that situation. Imagine how he took three victims of a vehicular accident along the North Express Way to the MCU hospital in Monumento. He even came back to see if the last one was still alive by the request of the mother who was also in the accident; unfortunately the daughter was really underneath the van and passed away on the spot.

Romualdo Ariestotle, a driver from Cavite City heard gunshots fired at the back of their terminal. He saw the sedan with bullet holes and all. Everyone else ran for their lives and just left the poor unidentified Mother and child inside but he went in and got them to the hospital. He never left and took care of logistics until their relatives came to make sure they are safe.

Five individuals, five heroes. These motorists tried their best to help in different situations and sometimes endanger themselves but they didn't mind that at all. Their stories are all truly inspiring! They still wanted to help despite their personal/economic conditions. This is one trait that is truly remarkable amongst Filipinos... the inner good that is instilled with us comes out in times like these. I remember Cito Beltran mentioned; "If we recognize and emulate them all... pretty soon we shall be a whole nation of heroes!" VERY TRUE! So to the new heroes, congratulations!

Now the question is, would you do the same for your fellow Filipino?! :)


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