Music Comes Alive with MCA Music!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When you mix music + talent with pleasure; you can never go wrong. Last Friday was one of the best days for Philippine music as MCA artists celebrate through a spectacle dubbed "Music Comes Alive" at the Eastwood City Plaza in Quezon City.

Hosted by the not so naughty trio of Tony, Slick and Sam YG aka The boys of Boys Night Out it was destined to be one entertaining evening for everyone. It was a grand showcase of MCA Music's hottest local and foreign acts and we weren't disappointed with their lineup. I even had the chance to interview them before the show and that was real sweet! Honestly I didn't know some of the artists beforehand so this was the perfect thing to do to get to know them and their music.

The Lamars

Only one of the Lamars brothers was there but it was a delight to talk to him that evening. The duo composed of Micah and Dave Lamar is gunning for a Pop Rock Genre and they have been in the industry for three years. They have notable covers which they did on TV and youtube. Born from an Italian-German Mom and a Filipino Dad they didn't have lackluster on the looks department. Talent wise it was so nice to see and hear em perform on stage to tunes from R&B artists which he (Micah) did sing with justice bar none. He told us that they almost had the same voice and they play a lot with throwing out lines since they are a duet (second and first voice arrangements) which proved quite effective on their books. If they had a chance they would want to do a collaboration with Yeng Constantino/Nick Jonas since they've got quite a lot of similarities as far as genres are concerned. Their prod label is the same with Yeng Constantino and Sam Milby. They have an album out called "The Lamars : Kung Pwede Lang" available at all record bars nationwide! You should get it!

Need a sample? Here you go! (One of my favorites when I got to listen to them!)

You can subscribe to them on Youtube here! CLICK THIS


Discovered on a TV show by THE Phil Collins in Switzerland, this young 14 yo Filipina singer would delight you with hiphop and RnB songs in this side of the world. She's Lica and she's here for the promotional tour of her album "All I Want To Be" under MCA Music and it looks very promising. It was released February this year. Her family hails from Davao (Mom) and Manila (Dad) so you guys better be ready to represent and get her album! Her fans are of different age brackets and I'm not surprised why she even got on stage with the likes of Ms. Lea Salonga, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams and Lara Fabian. She's fluent in French too so in time you'll hear some great songs in that language from her soon!

Here she is in a nice video with crooner Richard Poon! Amazing!


No I'm not part of the 1:43 but they are a nice bunch of good looking guys. As you may have thought, these guys have been singing their hearts out since December when they released their single Merry Christmas Na, of course they had a lot of airplay and screaming girls at their doorstep... to tell you honestly I wouldn't be surprised. They told me though that they even have haters but they thank them a lot for the media mileage they got from that too. Turning the bad things into positive is pretty neat. They have doing mall shows, going to schools and campuses that they said is their main market. A fact that made them realize that is when they checked out record bars near universities their albums always run out of stock in those locations. They are coming out with more albums soon but in the meantime enjoy TIME FOR LOVE that they just recently launched last April 27; it's out in your favorite record bars now! I listened to them sing before the program and they are quite good; a force to reckon with. They have different musical backgrounds and they admit every day is a learning thing. They don't have that much airplay on public radio but thankful that their connections through social media made them who they are today. If all boybands in the Philippines were this good looking there wouldn't be a single war we have to worry about. If given the chance to pose for Cosmo, they didn't say no! So YES Girls, please take it easy hehe!

Mang Inasal is also supporting local artists and they said they were so lucky to be part of that!

Here you go!

Krissy and Ericka

Charming, cute, sassy, feminine yet VERY powerful voices when seen live, that's Krissy and Ericka. I thought I haven't heard these guys sing before but when I went home and watched their video I remember it being played quite a lot in MYX; and in a nutshell I really like them. It was a treat to have been able to see them in the flesh and not faint (because I was so bad about remembering faces) but that was all good, nobody would catch me if I did that anyway LOL! They've got millions of views on Youtube alone and actually that's where they got discovered. These talented ladies deserve all of these and I'm kinda a short witness to that. They are still young (that's 17 and 18 to you) and got a pretty good future ahead of them. They grew up with teen songs but eventually they want to have more of an acoustic-pop genre. Trivia: One of them has a boyfriend and the other is NBSB. Suitors are around, in and out of showbiz but they make it a point to concentrate on creating music. They adore a lot of songs but Adelle for them is the bomb. They foresee themselves with separate careers soon but for now they are enjoying the ride. They are having the time of their life!

Here's the video I was talking about! Pretty neat!

Tricia Garcia

One of the best memories I had about the 90's (no pun intended to myself about the age!) was actually watching one of those teeny bopper shows in ABS CBN. Tabing Ilog was one of the staple shows in the afternoon and you kinda relate in one or two characters. Now that song is being sung now by Tricia Garcia. She was so nice and talented. She can play the Piano, Guitar and even compose songs! With tracks like Tubig, Walang Salita, Sana Naman and Mamahalin Kita on her latest album... people will surely find their way through her songs. You may find this cliche but when we specifically tried to ask her about her genre she didn't tell us any. She said her brand of music is Honest and Soulful. I believe her in that. Just take a short break from your usual thing and listen... watch this video...

Honest and soulful indeed. For those who want to get a copy of her latest album it's already out on stores. Check her out now!

International Artists Represented Through Fashion

He's a friend and a great fashion designer Lonix Abanil. He's one of the few designers we invited to represent MCA's International Artists through a fashion show in this event. With the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jessie J, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and other great artists, one can find inspiration on their music and transform them into great creations. A dose of fashion never hurt anyone in these kind of events, it made it even worthwhile as music from these great artists came to life thorough their dresses and gowns. Sorry I didn't get to meet the other designers, they were very busy at the back stage. Here's a peek at some of them!

Peg: Jennifer Lopez

Peg: Jessie J

Peg: Rihanna

Peg: Lady Gaga

If that wasn't enough they brought Lady Gagita to bring the house down!

See what Music from MCA can do for you?! Congratulations to all their local artists, we have something to look forward to in the Philippine Music Industry! Congratulations MCA!


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