Monday, July 25, 2011

This has been one of the best talent shows that happened to US Television; for once there hasn't been anything like it that concentrated particularly on a blind audition... literally not seeing the contestant and just depending on the talent would take away judgement behaviors on looks alone. Things that might suade someone to vote because they just look good even if they sound mediocre would be out of the question. Professionals that don't have existing contracts yet with any record company were asked to audition and join this competition bringing them into teams representing six great artists of this time... this would be one heck of a talent show unparalleled anywhere else in the world... this is THE VOICE!

It has now reached Philippine shores through the one and only cable network that brings world class shows for Asia... AXN. Imagine 4 swiveling chairs containing the best in the industry with names like Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green (of famed single Forget You!), R&B diva Christina Aguilera and legendary country singer Blake Shelton. Be there as they decide 8 hopeful individuals to join their team in the finals. The big twist is they can actually be the ones to pit with each other if they find one or more contestants to be at par with their standards. When two or more chairs turn around for the contestant, the contestant has the right to choose who among the judges would play mentor... and I've seen a couple of them fight for that right. However if no chairs turn, it would mean a resounding GOODBYE for that contestant... something both parties wouldn't want to happen; but it did happen a lot during the preliminaries unfortunately.

Adam Noah Levine, one of my idols from Maroon 5 is one of the judges in THE VOICE. Watch as he clashes with opinions from other world renowned singers! Will his team win on this show?! Find out soon on AXN!

How do they win in the Finals?! That's where it gets sweeter. Teams will be pit against each other as each mentor shows their protege's to the world with what they will perform. The contestant who gets a lot of ITunes download/purchase would win the competition and the US$ 100,000 record deal FTW! They will however lose 2 of their members if they win for that particular week.

Christina Aguilera, one of four judges who will make a mark on THE VOICE, a new singing competition to be shown on Asia's best channel AXN!

Hosting the show is TRL's old (not in age) Carson Daly. Here's a clip from the Associated Press on his initial views about the show.

AXN will air a special two-hour hour show of The Voice this August 21st at 8PM and every Sunday hereafter. That's also 8PM in SG, MY, HK and 7pm JKT Indonesia. Watch out for that!

By the way! There are also big programs coming out in August for AXN, AXN Beyond, and ANIMAX. They're not holding back either because you'll see Teen Wolf, one of my favorite anime's Busuo Renkin, the stylist goddess Rachel Zoe's project and Top Chef. Why else would you want to watch elsewhere when they've got all of em here!

They even went all out on their Philippine Launch party over at AIM in Makati. I love how they made everyone be judges and experience the show on our own. We also had our version of the contest and the prizes were no joke! The watch was REALLY expensive LOL! Although I would have wished I won that one... really I do! =)

This was the part where they were explaining to us the ratings in US television's granularity. It got a lot of views on it's first season.

New shows and the current great shows will be retained next month. AXN is truly going to be exciting!

They made us experience how to be judges in this show. We became instant judges!

We did the blind judging too! Imagine how everyone voted for the contestants! They counted people who stood up for their choices! One lucky person won a very classy watch!

Thank you SO MUCH to AXN for that one! They even flew straight from Singapore just to be here on this momentous event!

Need I say more?! Watch shows on AXN okay?!


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