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Monday, July 18, 2011

ometimes you clearly underestimate people on their capability to LOVE. Sometimes you just don't get why they would go all the way for them. In my ## years of existence in this forsaken country, I think that particular question got answered when I attended the block screening for Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco's first movie called "The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles".

First off, I have to tell you the truth... I don't really watch Filipino movies. I just didn't have the time and cultural patience to wait for a good movie from local directors anymore because let's face it, after those controversial ones being made into national artists a few years back; I really simply didn't look for one as I felt that was the end of Philippine Cinema and their era. I'm a Pexer, (that's the term they call people in a public forum called and have been one since 2004. I like how people throw lines here and there on the most popular community in the Philippines. I stayed away a bit on my UAAP Forums (that I'm so addicted to) and got to visit Melason Pexers so I can update the people who need the things I gathered from the press conferences. Little did I know that I'll meet online friends there too. They were so nice and accommodating, they made really good remarks about how and why they love Isay and THE bf (as the closest ones call em!). I got to know some of them through a few posts, they are a very nice bunch of people and you can tell that by the way they respond to some of my questions. REALLY NICE!

This block screening came along and it was perfect for my schedules so I said that I would be glad to pay them a visit last Saturday on their ONE LOVE screening. I was looking forward to see the names behind the monickers they use in the forums and experience what it was like to watch a movie again. I got an invite by one of their officers so I gladly obliged... because they were so nice to me why shouldn't I right?! Aside from that, Melai, Jason, Bekimon, Joem Bascon and the rest of the cast were so nice to me the first time I saw them; so what better way to support them but this... and then the day came.

These two nice ladies from Melason Pexers (and organizers of the ONE LOVE Block Screening) were there to welcome me! =)

These were some of the Melason Pexers that I saw there too! =)

First off, they called this gathering the "ONE LOVE" screening because of the combined forces of their fan base (err let me correct that) FRIEND base that put together this whole event all on their own. No production help whatsoever from the channel and cinema outfit which this film was shown in.

I was just like you, I wondered WHY.

Why would you as a fan put up something THIS BIG to support Melai and Jason?!

I couldn't comprehend before WHY THEY LOVED THEM SO MUCH that they would go all this way for them. I remember one significant thing that answered that specific question... it was because of Melai and Jason too. Melai and Jason said that for them, they weren't treated like fans... they were treated by Melai and Jason as their own friends/family. Now who in the right state of mind would have a heart that wouldn't melt after hearing them say that right? That was the time I knew how MELASON loved them back. They did this for their idols and people just probably see them as their favorite stars from the outside... but they never saw that thing I saw when I was with them; which is... these good people also being treated by Melai and Jason as their own true friends and family too. That whole fan base wasn't a fan base after all, it was a group of friends/family for them... they were not treated differently. That I think made them so different from other fan-star relationships. Something so simple yet VERY REAL. I was impressed to say the least with them all.

Some famous bloggers were there also, I don't need to tell you who they are! LOL =)

I entered the cinema when there were just a few people. I said to myself, would they be able to fill this up?! Little did I know they were lined up outside; and they... literally rushed to fill those seats in the cinema in MINUTES! By the time the first scene started it was JUMPACKED! Some in my area were even seated in the stairs (NO KIDDING!) it was that FULL! When the movie started, whenever the two stars got together in a scene... you would hear SHRIEKS!!! BELTING OUT with ALL THEIR MIGHT!! AS IF THERE WAS NO TOMORROW!! and because they were just there... it was pandemonium at 4PM in the afternoon!

Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco beside her. That's Jem of PGT fame. Close friends were all there!

It was really funny and nice... it was a feel good movie that would really be nice for a family to watch and laugh their hearts out. The romantic scenes would still make you laugh. You would have some moments of "KILIG" even if you already knew what was going to happen. You won't be able to stop and you'll surely be swayed by the whole cinema experience. You would feel and know that this thing they were showing on screen was also true in REAL LIFE. I can't really tell you about the movie now because you need to probably watch it and see the reaction of the actual people watching em. You owe it to yourself how to find out WHY too.

In the first fifteen minutes... the seats in front of me were all vacant. Screams again erupted when Melai Cantiveros came in and sat in the front row. Jason Francisco followed... and even the other stars of the movie came in. Obviously I couldn't shoot in the dark. Some of their celebrity friends also were there. See that? Even they were supporting these good people. That's the magic that happens when you know you've done something good in your life... it's not a mystery now why they are loved so much from my point of view.

Bekimon, oh! he was REALLY genuinely nice. I even had a few laughs while asking photos from him. He's hilarious in the movie, watch out specifically for what he'll tell you about Ms. Gina Pareno's outfit when she comes in the photography studio... I think that will surely crack you up! :) Find out what it is by watching the movie! I don't want to spoil it for you! :)

Jose Emmanuel Cubil or Jem being interviewed outside the cinema after the movie, he gave it a thumbs up!

Jem Cubil of Pinoys Got Talent. He was really nice, and might I tell you REALLY GOODLOOKING (like me ehem!) in person... I'm sure he'll be one heck of a star, sooner than you think!

I wasn't supposed to release this photo because it was a bit blurry but you have to know that Rica and Yohan came and support co PBB housemates Melai and Jason. Right?! =)

Here's Queen Pureza and Jason while we were eating Japanese food :) Don't worry about Melai's pose on this bit because she really did that on purpose :)

Here is Melai and Jason looking outside because they were worried about the people outside too. They treat em all as friends remember?! =) This was the stolen shot not the one above it hehe =)

This is the Cinema door aka SARDINAS because it was really jumpacked! A true sign of a very successful event!

For those who thought that I was joking about the pandemonium that transcribed inside the cinema, just take a look at these people who were OUTSIDE the cinema waiting for the stars of the movie!!! See what it means when you say NA DAPAT KABAHAN SI HARRY POTTER?? LOL!

Thank you so much to Melason Pexers,, Melason Jewels, Melason Guardians, Tropang Jason & Melai Chovers who gave me these awesome stuff! I'm so thankful for the stuff you gave me, I'll treasure this and the memories from watching their first ever film. I'm sure everyone who shouted and clamored for a PART II wouldn't be disappointed by Star Cinema!

This event was organized by people who adore Melai and Jason, but they were all treated like their equals, this is the reason why they LOVE them so much. Mystery solved. =)

Congratulations to Melason Pexers,, Melason Jewels, Melason Guardians, Tropang Jason & Melai Chovers (if I forget some groups please forgive me, name recall isn't one of my brightest talents! LOL) for a very successful event! You are all good people and you deserve to be applauded! Again congratulations!

If you want to know how hard it was to cover this event, here's a clip when Melai and Jason got up and finished the movie. You can barely see them... only on times when a flash does its thing that you can actually see them. The audio is kinda clear so you know, sorry I couldn't show a better video :) Just imagine me shooting a camera on my right hand and filming this on my ipad on my left (you get the picture?) LOL it was this full in the cinema! But they Melai and Jason thanked everyone who came and watched it! :)

Thank you to everyone who made this possible! Now I got my faith back in Filipino films. Nothing complicated but I really feel good now! I'll read your responses in PEX :) and here!



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The Adventures of Pureza, Queen Of The Riles



Carina Policarpio said...

sir, first of all, thank you very much po for coming sa "One Love" Block Screening ng "Pureza" Queen of the riles. Salamat po ng marami kasi naging maganda rin po ang pag turing nyo sa amin. You treated us like friends too. :) And we felt special coz you really took your time out, and even brought friends. Salamat po sa mga magandang article at sa mg pics and vids. Till next time po! :) momi ca

Monskidlat said...

Thank u very much for the beautiful and touching write made us fans the lead when we're merely their support. :)

John Michael Torres Bueno said...

Glad you appreciated this side of the story.. :) Hindi na ako nag movie review because most probably everyone else did that already eh hehe

John Michael Torres Bueno said...

Thank you po Ma'am! :) yes we are indeed friends!

RL29_AMANTE said...

thanks sa write up more powers to you and GODBLESS

Monnette1028 said...

My family & I wasn't able to come to the block screening . But we can relate to your post, coz thats what we really felt when we watched the movie. Overwhelming happiness, of seeing both of them in the big screen. We're proud of them and ourselves for their success. From the time Jason's 1st nomination in PBB House upto this very minute, we did not stop supporting them. And we're doing it not only for them but also for ourselves because it makes us happy doing it. Their success is our success.

meganda said...

thank u sir for this wonderful write ups..we love melason froever..