Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When you lose your REPUTATION about something you did in the past, what would you do to get it back?! If your family's name is on the line would you do everything to regain it? ABSCBN brings you Primetime Quality shows even in the afternoon on a lineup they call ABSCBN Kapamilya Gold. In the forefront is this moving drama called REPUTASYON starring Christine Reyes, her real life boyfriend Rayver Cruz, Ms. Aiko Melendez, veteran actresses Ms. Jaclyn Jose and Ms. Deborah Sun; hunky actor Jayson Abalos, gorgeous guy John James Uy and a lot more.

Ms. Deborah Sun was excited to work with the cast and even if she plays the villain she's glad that a lot of her co actors actually learned from her. As Christine also said "Ms. Deborah Sun talks a lot and you'll learn how to improvise and do adlibs so the script becomes natural if you want to deliver it". She laughed and said "Ganun madaldal pala ako; hahaha!". Aiko interjected on her piece about how important reputation is and said "Now I know why my Dad fell in love with you Tita; it's because of that spunk you have". She said that reputation is not important all the time because as a testament to all her trials before, she still went back and picked up the pieces of her past and used that to become who she is now; not living under the bridge anymore or even worse jail". She was so glad she landed a role in the ABS CBN's Kapamilya Gold header REPUTASYON and for the trust they gave her.

Jill Yulo plays the role of Nina De Los Santos; younger sister to Agnes

John James Uy really needs a big break and this is good news that he's on the cast of Reputasyon. This good looking actor needs more projects obviously; and hopefully he'll get utilized in more programs under ABS CBN.

Rayver Cruz welcomed this particular team up with real girlfriend Christine Reyes. He say's "Every taping day isn't like work anymore because they don't really have to pretend. Everything's so easy for them to portray and it's so nice to work with someone you love!" as he boasts to the media.

Christine Reyes is so excited to work with Rayver Cruz and the rest of the cast. She feels really blessed that ABS CBN trusted them to start of the special line of shows in the afternoon. Kapamilya Gold will surely be a hit with viewers here and abroad! Christine Reyes plays the role of Agnes De Los Santos who dreamed only the best for her family. She was set up by a Governor (played by Ms. Aiko Melendez) who had a lot of political gain after the situation got out of hand via putting photos and false statements to the press that made life doubly miserable for Agnes De Los Santos.

Ms. Aiko Melendez was also asked about how near this role was in her real life and what she thinks about running again for office in the next coming years. She shrugs off the comparison but she said that she's waiting for a sign and if that is accomplished then she can tell if she would still go for politics. She's glad that this became her comeback piece because the story feels real, you always want to get involved with the characters and know how their roles play with each other. She was very thankful for that!

Premier Actress/Director Laurice Guillen also is in this bit and says she has yet to see how her co actors play their roles. Initial taping days haven't made them work with each other yet but she's the one that helped them through workshops; so far she knows how the team is doing acting wise.

As for me, when I saw Reputasyon this afternoon I thought it should be the one in the Primetime slot at that channel; but I remember one of the producers said that "They treat their audiences equally and doesn't think about the time slots. They are all going to give them the best programs anytime of the day!". That was one thing that stuck to my mind. The directors and writers should be really rewarded with awards for television, this isn't easy to cast people and still think about their individual stories but I saw that instilled in each one of them. They have their roles cut out on every star that they had and I'm sure this will be a hit wherever, whenever!

I hope they get to show this on TFC or other countries; this would really sell!

Watch this!

Make sure you tune in to ABS CBN channel 2 as this program starts at 2PM weekdays!



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Bino said...

gumanda na ulit si aiko. hehehe, at john uy, bench model yan diba. buti nagkaproject na

KUMAGCOW said...

yeap oo sya si John James Uy... kulang nga sya sa projects eh..