AZKALS Spanish Striker Angel Aldeguer Guirado

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is a thought that comes to me from my window in the evening as I watch shadows deepen in the long hills of my native land. The popular sport of football has been neglected for decades and it has picked up media mileage in the past year thanks to the awesome good looking half foreign Filipinos that gave this sport a boost that it needs and a manager that knows how to manage the team as it is now. One particular member that I adore in AZKALS is Spanish Striker Angel Aldeguer Guirado. My family hailed from Valencia and he's one proof that even if you are from the suburbs of Spain (Malaga in his case) you can make it anywhere! He has been longing to play for a national team and we are lucky enough that he can play for Spain or the Philippines. The opportunity just came in right so he chose to play here and had remarkable games in the qualifiers (and gave a helluvah an awesome goal against Bangladesh remember?!).

This 26 year old young Spanish-Ilocano guy (with his roots from Ilagan, Isabela) had his adoring fans also in the event. I love how they almost faint at the sight and touch of him! It was so real! He didn't have that much Tagalog words to say but Senor Rafa Reyes took care of that. Despite a very promising career in Spain in the second and third league he still chose to play for the Philippine National team and for that we'll give him credit! I'm sure he will now be represented BEST since they chose THE BEST PR firm in the land... PR ASIA with Ms. Joyce Ramirez on the forefront. All his deals and endorsements come his International career will now go through them and the opportunities have been lined up already according to the one and only Queen B!

This is something to look forward to and I'm sure he'll definitely have a lot of things coming up this year. Given the right projects and endorsements with PRASIA, play and be sought after by everyone in the International soccer scene... he will definitely get there!

P.S. He's actually the real deal uncle of young star Coleen Garcia! She was so gorgeous in person!

This was also the time I saw the one and only Ms. Cecile Van Straten. I was starstruck! She was also with THE divasoria Ms. Grace Velasco and THE Jay Abalos. They were in one room and I couldn't help but be like that at the sight of them! *almost fainted* LOL!

Thank you for everything PRASIA and Ms. Joyce Ramirez! They were the ones that hooked me up to cover PENSHOPPE! (If you haven't seen my famous article HERE IT IS!) and this day is just so unforgettable in my books! I got to see the biggest names in Philippine blog world, the best PR Agency I know and the one and only AZKALS Striker Angel Guirado! What more can I ask for?!

For those of you that were not able to go to the press conference, let me share this video!

As you guys know in my site, I want you to experience everything as if you were there too! Hope this one counts as your favorite AZKALS moment! =)


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