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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classy, elegant, bold, crisp, sweet and flavorful... those are just some of the things that lingered in my mind after I tasted my first glass of Casa Lapostolle. We graced an intimate luncheon last Tuesday with Señor Diego Urra and the good people from Hennessy Philippines.

I am not a stranger to wine and spirits as you may probably know. On family and special occasions, it's automatic that we have one of these. Yes, we probably have a lot of choices in local winery's and supermarkets; Spanish, Californian, French, Italian or Australian; but my family insists on getting the best... we prefer Chilean Wine among others.

We're not formally trained or expert Sommeliers' by any standards but we know these things by heart. It's like second nature to me and my folks but of course... still unofficial. The gusto to this particular region meant one thing, we probably have "taste". Since we didn't know that much about country, we were somewhat given an overview on why the quality of their products stand out from those that originated from other vineyards.

Chile is surrounded by the Andes Mountains in the right and a coastal region on the left. They also have the driest desert in the world on the North and the Antarctica down South.

Most of the vineyards are situated on flatlands right below the mountains; perfect for growing these precious fruit that produce their world class wine. The four seasons; changes the harvest time every year but experts on Casa Lapostolle's vineyards see to it that they produce the best ones still. The purity of actual vines, some of which were planted 80-90 years ago plus some of the best new ones create the best flavors that we were able to taste that afternoon. Their Cuvee Alexandre Chardonnay had that acidity, sweetness, light and still kept fresh all throughout even when I started to close my eyes after that first sip. It was one of the; IF NOT THE BEST I've ever tasted and people on the same table agreed.

The Cuvee Alexandre Merlot on the other hand was strong, bolder and had that Whole taste. It was perfect for the steak strips I had in my salad, the latter was blissful for the appetizers too. It would have been perfect to pair it with a scrumptious mildly spiced Black Angus/Wagyu Beef steak cooked medium rare. It wouldn't be defeated easily because of its flavorful tones that complement that savory lunch or intimate dinner we all wish for. This would be an excellent wine for special occasions (ie dates, parties). You know this blend was worked on for generations and you can't fool the connoisseur in me when it comes to that. Plus, I can even see this used in a reduction making it sweeter for a gourmet sauce... though some might see that a waste of good wine and by all means I agree... a good drinking wine after all is best for that (see?? I picked up something from Rachel Ray/Martha Stewart/Wolfgang Puck)!

Then comes the pièce de résistance called Clos Apalta, Alexandra Marnier-Lapostolle's and her team's offering! This has been regarded as the world's best in 2008 easily because of it's rich velvety flavor. A combination of the Chilean Carmenère variety (grown in small quantities in this specific region), Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; this proves to be the right formula to bring out the best product their vineyards has ever produced; consequently ranks number 1 in the world. I've tasted some of the best wines the Philippine market already has but this one is mighty different. When it touches your palate you KNOW you are tasting something special. These are the ones where you automatically close your eyes and feel how rich it is. Sometimes you ask yourself; how in the world can you go wrong with a purely organic process? It's one that is done by hands... by bio dynamic procedures which only produces the best and environmentally safe wine known to man. Imagine those berries picked one by one; clusters on it's ripest form. You definitely are sure that you never sacrificed quality when you get something this special on your table.

Need I say more?!


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