I DARE YOU Premiers July 11 on ABSCBN!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

When someone asks you to do something difficult in exchange for something that would be sent to the needy would you do it??? This is the question that they wanted to answer come Monday as ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs and TV Entertainment Group present this awesome original show called I DARE YOU which stars the lovely Iya Villania, hunky Jericho Rosales and well loved ace comedienne Melai Cantiveros. I was there when they held a press conference for the show and I was really excited for them!

You probably would ask what this show is all about... I know I did and I got a very good answer from them. The thing is, it's all about human nature. The good that is residing in Filipinos and they wanted to capture the drama on how someone of high stature could go all the way just so theses ordinary people who barely can eat 3 times a day something so they can survive. The challenges may not be tough for you and me but just imagine these stars who never even had the times in their lives to live like we do. They have all the comforts in the world and bringing them in to the most depressed and poverty stricken areas is the last thing that you would actually want to see them in. ABSCBN does that and films it for everyone to see, Jericho Rosales even went out of his way to help the celebrities sometimes... Iya and Melai Cantiveros attested to that!

On their first taping day; imagine living on a neighborhood that are all in stilts. They didn't buy a single wood frame for their house... they just wait for something to float into shore. You can't even think of stepping on some of their floors because if you miss it you'll fall into the water which contains something we'll never even want to talk about here. Melai realizes that she has been blessed even before she got her fame. She thought she was already poor but seeing those people in that condition, she really thought that she was really blessed!

If you want to see your favorite stars go through these challenges watch I DARE YOU! starting July 11, 2011 5:15PM before Mula Sa Puso and TV Patrol!

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs and TV Entertainment Group would not just hand out these prizes to them, stars have to finish the challenge to make that possible. This is reality TV with a PURPOSE and a CAUSE! It can be an individual, a group or a whole community!

Here are exclusive videos from the Press Conference brought to you by the great people from ABSCBN and KUMAGCOW.COM!

Here is Jericho while he melts away because of being asked about his EX's hehehe...

Here's how they adore Melai and how she disqualifies rumors of being romantic with Jericho Rosales.

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