What If?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You are reading this right now because you are free. When you came into this world you are as helpless as a fish out of the ocean. You parents take care of you, sent to the best schools that they can afford so you can finish... get a job and do the same thing for your own family too. The family is the smallest unit of a community. Everyone deserves to have one of their own and this is a right that the state protects; but let me ask you this question... what if you found out that the child you're going to have has defects and would not survive after birth? What if you found out that the thing that made them to be in that state was supposed to help the mother in depression? Wouldn't it be just right to file a birth defects lawsuit against the people who didn't tell you about the dangers of taking it? That's the dilemma hundreds of people are facing now. It is going to be a tough life now that this happened to them but they need help to be informed and be given what's due them.

If one of your family members took DEPAKOTE, LEXAPRO, PAXIL, PROZAC, TOPAMAX or ZOLOFT in the past... they must have fell victim to the ill side effects of these medicines. Please stay informed! Make sure you make them aware of the dangers of taking it because you'll never know... the next one could be your loved ones!


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BON said...

at nag google ako tuloy!
thanks for the info kumagcow!