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Saturday, September 10, 2011

For most of us BIG people there are several things that we don't attempt to do. One, because we would probably feel humiliated and two, we already know why. On this day however I was surprised to be asked to do it, but I gave it a go so I can do something about it. It's one of those nightmares that you try and fight for. You know what it is?!

Tadaaaa! :) I got my weight measured! Haha!

Just like me thousands of Filipinos are actually overweight and living a healthy life is really not one of their priorities because they are either too busy because of work or too lazy to work out and have a proper diet. We are not alone, even Ms. Cheshire Que - a spa diet expert, RND, RD, RN went through the same dilemma. On this day, she reveals a program that helped her overcome this and calls it My Spa Diet.

Lose weight, Rejuvenate with

She started by telling us an anecdote about her folks, their current state and how she got heredity, history play in getting that condition. Just like them, everybody's got a weight gain story. Weight management is such a hard thing to achieve if you don't know what you are doing. She however also had hormone problems because of her thyroid condition. She made a point that a high fat high sodium low fiber diet exists all around us. Technology has also made us all lazy and gain weight because of the lack of physical activity. In this sense, "Lifestyle modification" is essential and there are three things to do in order to accomplish this. Fixing our Diet, exercise and behavior. That is where comes in.

We got out BMI measured and she took the time explaining to us what the numbers mean. I was particularly surprised about how big my numbers were since it'll be a basis for what will cause heart problems and diabetes in the future.

If you go to the site it highlights the essential tools of the myspadiet program she designed. Week one is cleanse, two is detoxify, three is rejuvenate and four balance. The phases need you to do the following: High fiber and water, no red meat and processed food, featured fruits and vegetable everyday, all foods allowed but in moderation.

It caters to men and women; they ask you for your daily physical activity and give you an image of your food allowance. They have it represented in numbers and you shouldn't eat beyond six hours so you wont starve. It is all about meal timing. If you prefer a different diet then you can always substitute just as long as it satisfies your numbers. The menu plans in the site has varieties and you can see practical comparisons with real life things so you can measure whatever you eat with something usual. It is very important to eat something ALWAYS in moderation. You need to also move a lot, exercise and do something active. There are studies in Japan that if you do exercise and do something all in 30 mins, that would account to more in a week and would be beneficial for your health. It also depends on the intensity so make sure you do work out with that in mind. We need to make sure we replenish with water right after so we don't dry up and age because of lack of hydration. The fourth week would get your food intake to a disciplined mode but you must make sure you get everything in tolerable portions and do not eat mindlessly. That's where most people fail and perform a yoyo diet.

Behavior change is essential and you need guidance from experts which is also available on the site. Lifestyle is a modification is a process and need something that would also motivate the mind. If you are not disciplined and motivated to do these things, that causes it to fail.

So the next time you go out and buy something in the grocery, include something that is from the fresh produce department. The site also suggests and recommends a list that you can take along when you buy something. It's a good thing... make sure you visit the site


Easy Pha-Max

Grace of Easy Pha-Max gave a small info about wheat grass and its benefits. People in the US specially those in LA have been eating this since time and memorial and with its availability in Malaysia; it now comes to the Philippines. This is essential to cleansing and alkalinity which is one f the goals of for the first and second week. This should be taken cold and we were also advised to shake it well since it has to have the nutrients also mixed in. They only use the grass but not the roots. Although the anti aging and cancer preventing minerals are in the roots it has the essentials already in the drink. It is also recommended to be taken daily for detoxifying and if we have a lot of unhealthy food eaten this is a must. It helps in cleaning the colon and prevents chronic constipation. Did you know that we have to go to the comfort room twice a day to actually keep it healthy? I'm sure most if you only do it once so don't lie haha :)

It's for thorough cleansing. You and I know that we need it! You know what to do! :)

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