There's Chicken... Then There's BONCHON!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

BONCHON Drumsticks, there's even a spicy version of it! Yum!

I was there! I witnessed something spectacular each time they laid down a couple of baskets of these hot, crispy chicken. There were ooohs and ahhhs everytime we took a bite of this Soy Garlic Goodness known the world over! One name has been critically acclaimed and dubbed Best Chicken in America; that's BONCHON!

BONCHON Chicken Wings were to die for! You should get a ton of these!

Secret Recipes passed on from generation to generation, this best kept family secret from Korea landed in New York first before it arrived in the shores of the Philippines. It didn't surprise me that each time I visit their Eastwood store I see a throng of people ordering these famous drumsticks and wings!

BONCHON also has Calamares! It's kimchi mayo sauce just spices up the whole experience!

There's variety in their menu, imagine this huge serving of Calamares only costs 125.00! To have this together with local and international beers is a deal breaker! That is just the perfect pair!

BONCHON Beef Bulgogi Rice Box

The BONCHON Beef Bulgogi Rice Box just fits the bill. It's sweet-salty taste would take you to that next level of Korean experience. We loved it so much only the a few grains of rice stand witness to how fast this was finished! If you want take outs for the office or school this would be my recommendation! Aside from the chicken of course! :)

BONCHON Fish Tacos Meal!

It doesn't end there! If you want other things than beef or chicken, they have fish options that are quite healthy because it comes with Kimchi Coleslaw. The breaded cream dory hugged inside these wraps and the hot slaw was great! I'll try and get my Mom some of these soon!

BONCHON Ginger Tofu Salad

For vegetarians, you should get this for starters. The veggies, tofu plus the sauce was a nice and lovely. It was sweet and a bit tangy. It was really nice! You can add a couple of bucks to make this together with chicken pieces! Yummy!

Cool tall glass of Iced Tea!

Iced Tea served in Tall glasses definitely did the job washing down the heat from those awesome wings. Then after that you'll have to order another serving; which means a couple more baskets. If you are from Makati try the Ayala Triangle Branch. I'm telling you the Ayala Triangle branch is LOVE! The Eastwood and newly opened Katipunan branch too!

Now if you were asking about what happened to the 4 baskets of BONCHON chicken we had on the table..

This is what happened! :)
Isn't it very Filipino to leave just one piece on the table?! LOL

These were the culprits! We ate it all! Thanks for the group hug Magic!
(photo courtesy of Magic Liwanag Photography)

More things are planned to come on the menu for BONCHON this October! So watch out for that! Guys and gals remember they have beer in store so if you want to celebrate something after office hours please drop by. I recommend all their Chicken products, they are to die for! They know the real selling point is their chicken, please get the spicy versions of it which I love! Their special sauce and glaze is imported from Korea every week so you know you are getting the AUTHENTIC one.

Bonchon Chicken Prices

Wings Ricebox 135
Drumsticks Ricebox 95/145
Chops Ricebox 145
Fish Ricebox 145
Bulgogi Ricebox 145
Bulgogi Wrap 145
Chicken Sandwich Meal 145
Fish Tacos Meal 145 ( cream dory)


White rice 15
Fries 45
Kimchi Coleslaw 45
Calamari 125
Caesar salad 125
Ginger tofu salad 125
Add chicken to salad 30

Bonchon Chicken

Small 185. Medium 365 Large 720
Wings 6pcs. 12pcs. 24pcs
Drumsticks 3pcs. 6pcs. 12 pcs
Combo 3drumsticks. 6 drumsticks
6 wings. 12 wings
Chops. 4pcs. 8pcs. 12pcs.

Scott Tan who owns BON CHON was there too. I know girls, he's cute and handsome like me LOL... but too bad he doesn't want to enter show business. They're putting up more stores soon so everyone can get a taste of BON CHON. He personally designed the first store and each one will be patterned from it. I'm sure there's one near you so go to your favorite BON CHON outlets and get your hands on the number 1 chicken in America and find out why it's the best! After all, it's The New York Times, GQ and Esquire who said that! If that ain't gonna convince you I don't know what will! :)



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