Social: Twice!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Times are hard and just like everyone else I wanted to get a loan through social security channels. I applied for it a few months ago and had so many issues regarding requirements that were supposed to be done by the government agency years ago. They basically need my birth certificate and I just didn't utter complaints anymore so I can finish this early. Even if I came from a shift I went through all that brouhaha and red tape. True enough; we got the papers submitted on the same day. I went home and only spent 2 hours of sleep before getting back to the office. It was that hectic and I had so many things to do including social networking matters. I needed to organize it because I feel it's cluttered. This is no OC symptom but somehow it's near that.

Have you ever felt too much of your personal information is out on the Internet and you can't manage them? That's how I feel these days and I hope I can make some necessary adjustments on how this could be fixed. In a nutshell we all need some help sometimes. With the money we worked for there should be someway to make things easier so we don't have to go through unnecessary logistics. Maybe we can also get that integrated to social media and make better solutions for transactions like these in the future. Wouldn't that be neat?! I know, right?!


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