Brain Health

Monday, September 26, 2011

When you play video games as much as I do you know if you will win a fight right from the start. You watch how your opponent fights carefully because most often than not he's got a pattern. If you don't get what his strategies early on; chances are... you'll likely lose big time! You won't even get to finish anything on story mode if your eye hand coordination is slow. It actually pays to practice but if you don't have that innate skill to cope with how fast everything is; then it is futile to even start and fight in a competition. These all show signs of something called brain plasticity. Although some say it is natural, there are remarkable achievements in neuroscience telling otherwise and say these cells can actually make new ones.

There are also some therapy systems that would be able to determine how fit our brain is. With a couple of tests designed for the individual they would make an initial assessment to see what you prefer to be your goal. Some offer it for free so there really is no harm in trying. I mean having your brain tested if it was normal is just but right isn't it?! Would you do something differently to see your brain's health?! This is already easy; if you have time try institutions that know what they are doing scientifically please do so. You are doing yourself a favor.


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