Praybeyt Benjamin Marching on Theaters October 27!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you haven't heard of it yet you might be the most SEVERE person there is. Praybeyt Benjamin will be shown on theaters come October 27, 2011. Premier night will be on October 11 too. Watch as Vice come out with antics on this military-mulanish movie with legendary actors of Philippine cinema like Eddie Garcia, Jimmy Santos and "Inay" Malou De Guzman. I had a ton and a half of laughs just viewing the trailer itself, so just imagine how much you'll be doing that come showing day.

Here's also something I picked up from the press conference. Watch how Eddie Garcia, DJ Durano and "The Amir" Carlos Agassi admit they also had gay experiences. That part was really somewhat shocking!

Aside from the gender issues, this movie has touched a couple or more of society problems. It has been addressed in a very wholesome way. It was a breeze making this film as Vice Ganda said to the media. Even though people might think that this would be a spin off to the popular Hollywood film, the plot of the story is actually nearer a Disney Classic (Mulan) than anything else says Director Wen De Ramas. True enough his other blockbuster film Petrang Kabayo was also patterned to Beauty and the Beast. It made sense to all of us after that.

Also in this film is Derek Ramsay who plays as Vice Ganda's love interest, Jimmy Santos who plays his Dad. Kean Cipriano will be in this film along with his band Callalily. Nikki Valdez did an amazing job... she looked very young and hip with the new hairstyle. Carlos Agassi still looks so young that afternoon. Dj Durano said some very sexy things, even admits to some shocking things as said on the video. Also in the cast are Vandolph Quizon, Dennis Padilla, Tony Cruz, Tutti Caringal, my favorite Ms. Malou De Guzman (I feel like Bubuli and she's my Nanay) , Ricky Rivero, Rubi Rubi, Abby Bautista and one and only Eddie Garcia. With the cast alone, how can you not watch this movie. Tell me, please!

Here are some photos from the press conference. Enjoy!

Starring on this Film is the SEVERE Vice Ganda!

Cool, Calm and Collected... Eddie Garcia and Kean Cipriano strutting the Red Carpet

The coolest veteran actor I know, Eddie Garcia

Kean Cipriano, still rocking on this film!

Seen him on several of Director Wen's movies, he must be the lucky charm. DJ Durano.

It was my first time to see her, I was giddy! Inay Malou De Guzman

Single and available Nikki Valdez, very fresh looking on her new do.

Kean goofing off with Nikki on this bit.

Muscle man, bursting out of his shirt, hunky Carlos Agassi

Questions from the press ensued:

Vice Ganda!

Blockbuster Director Wen De Ramas

So wag na tayong pa PUCHU PUCHU Let's watch Praybeyt Benjamin on theaters nationwide! That's October 27 remember the date! ;)

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