Nadine Lustre for Samsung Galaxy J6

Friday, June 15, 2018

Is your phone your personal favourite? Have you been struggling with games, with movies, with photos and videos? Well don’t fret as Samsung delivers the Galaxy J6 as part of it’s economy line, still performs at par with the phones with the same price, but they dub this special. They call it next level entertainment.

Min Xu Tiu Samsung Electronics Philippines says “We made something you’ll enjoy as next level entertainment with it having great movie quality, great gaming with our new endorser Nadine Lustre. She is one of todays multitalented personalities, a household name and like the Samsung Galaxy J6. We are also launching the Samsung community app wherein you can get perks like free movies, free popcorn, every week!

Nadine says “I love it, it’s because of Jadine here, they’ve been very supportive. They are having a good time so it’s just throwing back the energy. I am really honored to be part of the Samsung family, now in music, videos, it’s not going to be difficult. I had a lot of fun shooting the TVC, I am excited to see the full version! I hope everyone likes this! This is what I do to get entertained, I watch movies, I play games, the J6 makes me feel like I’m in it, I am fully immersed. It’s exciting, I’m playing right now and the graphics is amazing. I have a lot of gamer friends, it’s why I always do this even if I’m busy as it takes my mind off things. Thank you Samsung for making me a part of your family!

Congratulations Nadine! Continue to be a good lady, a lot of brands will continue to trust you!

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