Take Outstanding Photos with the Zenfone 5Q

Monday, June 11, 2018

The ASUS Zenfone 5Q

Seeing the market being saturated with smartphones definitely makes me wonder how brands would get noticed. They've got about a few months after they have been launched to see if they have just about almost any feature available in the market crunched down in a single phone and have to sell it at an affordable price. This one in particular comes from ASUS and is part of their Zenfone series. It's properly called the ASUS Zenfone 5Q or ASUS Zenfone Lite (in Taiwan).

Here's a little unboxing video I made for it.

What makes this a glorious phone is how they've kept all the messy stuff out of the design. No buttons on front, super nice as if it's black glass all over. They did it without introducing the notch which for some users would be annoying. It's got that curved glass effect in the front and the back, still a 6 inch display with a 18:9 display ratio so you still see very nice videos and play those third person shooting games you adore if you need to.

Now this phone is special because it's got two front cameras. It's got one of them on 20MP while the other is at 8MP. This means you can take wide angle shots with ease, so no need to move or arrange yourselves in selfie moments because it can practically see you all! Aside from that, the back camera takes outstanding photos too. It's got a 16MP and 8MP camera which can still give you very detailed shots even without retouching the images.

I took the liberty to bring it to Brisbane Australia so we could see if it outclasses phones that are on the same price range. I'm telling you, it did not disappoint. Mind you, these are untouched photos that's even sent through the messenger app so it has Facebook degrading it's quality, but look at the hues, the colors of Brisbane Australia's Brisvegas locale, it captured the dawn hours quite nicely.

At night

At dawn, you can still see the details clearly.
/*Photo credits Phares Torres

Thanks to the phone's reliable 16MP back camera, you don't have to worry about dawn shots, even evening shots were challenged but you can see it can still take some stunning photos.

Selfie shot

Selfie photo :)

food shots, divine!

Food shot, full screen wide shot!

Food shot, non full screen. Amazing!

The phone comes with it's own case, generic headphones with changing earpiece, cable and charger.
The selfies are phenomenal! I think this was built with that in mind. A selfie phone in this price range would be a good deal for those who are still studying, as it is in the mid range.

The two back cameras are flanked by the fingerprint scanner, I also must say this has been the most reliable way of opening up my phone with security.

The ASUS Zenfone 5Q has been impressive in the camera department as it also employs a PRO mode, make GIF's, BEAUTY mode and a SELFIE Panorama. Now make sure you also use "Save as Flipped" in the settings because I weirded out when I mistakenly used it in a different direction while using the selfie mode. Imagine, you're buying a phone with 4 cameras, with bokeh as creamy as your coffee in the morning your outputs would just be really as nice as the professionals do.

The only limits are your imagination, it takes experience too. Now this can also last you a whole day even without charging in between, I'm a heavy data user and this just fits my lifestyle. Covering events the whole day, I still had about a few percent left when I got home. The photos are of good quality, you don't have to go splurge too much on pricey ones when you can get the output on midrange phones right? It's very practical to actually consider this as your primary or secondary phone, we all have that by now I'm sure. This is priced at 16,995 for the 64GB at Lazada.

If you want to know more about the ASUS Zenfone 5Q or ASUS Zenfoone Lite, you may visit asus.com/ph website.

Trust me on the photos.

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