Oakley Hosts 6th Golf Cup for Junior Golfers League

Saturday, June 23, 2018

With a good cause, this should be told.

International brand OAKLEY just held their 6th Golf Cup at Pradera Verde grounds in Lubao, Pampanga. This is for the benefit of The Junior Golfers League which is the developmental league for the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines. The event was also hosted by James Deakin but they did it with a twist as the theme they selected this time was about Rock and Roll Music + Golf so all the holes in the course were not as normal as it should. Together with the holes, they also needed to do this with tons of loud rock music, spotlights, sprinklers and obstacles too. 

They also took time after the festivities to give a donation of a whopping Php 100,000 after they announced their winners and promise to support the athletes and hone them as future representatives of the country. Among the players were kids who are not financially capable to play this sport, but were all so extremely talented. The money will go to the sports programs of TJGL as they also join international competitions in the US and elsewhere in the world. Oakley believes in them, this is just a step making these talented kids achieve their dreams 

Raymund Lacdao got the Men's Division Class A championship while James Linao and Eric Dela Rosa took B and C. In the ladies division, Vangie Omlang got the Championship for Class A, Josh Jorge for Boys Division Champion, and Mariel Tee for the Girls Division. 

Oakley is one of the leading brands of golf products and accessories in the world. With it's partnership with sports organizations like this one, they would be able to develop talent from the ground up. It's a bright future for our future golfers, it's a good thing.


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