Alarming Misuse of PH Quench Steel Bars, A Serious Matter! -Senator Nikki Coseteng

Monday, June 11, 2018

Alarming. This has been what people in the press conference felt right after we were informed about this matter. You see, this worries me to know that it's been 12 years already that the steel manufactured in some parts of the country have been made with a steel bar process called Quench Tempered Bars. These type of bars are used and made for non structurally dependent structures like walls or fences, but not to be part of actual buildings. 

Engr. Emilio Morales has published a study saying "My paper has been read by a lot of people but both local and international organizations have not challenged this and just kept mum about it. This is critical, the problem is TMT manufacturers have not been certified or tested - and when asked they only say they are still testing it, which is obviously an excuse. It's the manufacturer's responsibility and the need to warn the public should have been done 10-12 years ago. This has been banned in Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand and some only use this on non high rise buildings. Various international literature has also said in studies that it's earthquake performance could have premature failure." Now that is something I'd be worried about.

I've taken subjects for strength of materials when I was in college and know how important this is. Now think about it, in the past 12 years, how many buildings, skyscrapers have been put up in your area? Honestly, I would fear for your lives especially if they've used these particular type of steel bars that have not been checked for standards as it should be.

Madame Nikki adds "This has been kept in secret and will be historic, this should be known by the public and should know how dangerous it is. Micro alloy steels has been swapped in Quench Tempered Bars. The public did not know that this should not be bended, galvanized, or welded. This has been ignored and has been a disservice in the country. They have not asked for tests, this is the reason why we are talking about it, buildings that have been built in the last 12 years are affected. This is how big it is!." I could see how worried she was while saying this and I'm not surprised.

Now what's going to happen to all those structures that have been already comstructed, made and sold to tons of people knowing that it's safe? Your answer is as good as mine. For me it should all be identified, recomputed for the material that was used and hope that the BIG ONE doesn't happen. Imagine the tons of casualties that would probably happen while we're helpless with the way these steel products are still out in the market, proliferated and remain untested. 

I've also personally asked Senator Nikki about her running as senator in the next election, and she said she's not running. If that's the case, this is a serious matter that we all should think about, ask your congressmen or representatives to investigate because we can't be sitting ducks out here and find those skyscrapers collapse. You wouldn't want to be under the rubble, in pain or lifeless.

Read all about the paper here (URL: ) and ask your representatives to investigate the matter. You don't want to be the last to know, or fall victim if this continues. Get in touch also with Senator Nikki for talks as she conducts them in different places in the country, people should definitely know.


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