Winning the War with PEST OFF

Saturday, June 23, 2018

This vacant lot beside our house used to have a 3 door apartment which was left abandoned for years. When it takes that long in this side of the world, it would probably also have other residents aside from people and I’ve often see them even from the street. They run around like crazy and you can’t do anything about it since it’s a private property, you can just imagine how many years they’d be left brooding, then when they decided to demolish the thing one day, all hell breaks loose!

Since we live right next door, sure enough we’ve seen significant increase of activity in our place as soon as that thing was gone. They must have run amuck since their breeding ground got disturbed. We’re talking about mice - and huge city RATS here. Not the ordinary ones, they're like the size of cats and I knew I had to do something. 

They’re not welcome in my home.

Speaking of which, Ms. Aiai Delas Alas just recently endorsed PEST OFF, a regular staple brand of pest control products in leading grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide. As a mom, she knows how important it is to rid of unwanted pests in our homes so I'm probably going to need an arsenal because I'm prolly have to go to war.

An increase in garbage, neighbors included would mean you'll have lots of flies hanging around. Fortunately we have our house screened heavily but sometimes there are a few who let themselves in. This fly paper can be hanged conveniently and by a few minutes into doing that, they'll be sticking to this contrapion in no time. The cute cow I got from Brisbane doesn't come with the product LOL!

For the war with the Rats, I had to carry me a lot of PEST OFF Glue Boards. I used to only use the paper kind of a different brand but with these big rats hanging around and trying to go to my house, I've seen them sticking to it and RUN around with it. Imagine our horror when that thing runs with the trap itself. I heard screaming, including my own and that isn't a nice sight.

The PEST OFF Glue Boards are of another planet because they made it quite sturdy with the plastic base. Aside from that, it's scented. WHAT? Scented?  Yes you might think it's crazy to do that but I think it's ingenious! These boards smell like roasted peanuts which will definitely attract those pests I'm expecting. So for now, all I have to do is wait. I'm expecting to win this war.

Oh and for the piece de resistance, here's to all those FLYING IPIS which I so hate so much that I'd be willing to finish a whole bottle of these just for one to die. Although this one would only need a spritz, nothing to it, they'll die in a few seconds which is GREAT! You may check their PestOffPhilippines Facebook page here or their instagram account @pestoffph. This is manufactured by Global Winds Corporation.

I know I'm winning this war and I think I learned a lot about ridding pests in my home. It was worth every penny to get contraptions and glue boards because it works. You wouldn't want your home to be visited by these huge rats, you all have got to win this war and PEST OFF might be your best weapon. Right off your alley.

How would you like to protect your homes? Mine is good now.