Ms. Aiko Melendez Endorses THEOBROMA

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

F2N Marketing is putting their bet on drama actress Ms. Aiko Melendez. The marketing company just recently unveiled their special cocoa food drink called THEOBROMA which Ms. Aiko actually used before she became an ambassador. She was just curious and asked a friend what it was, he suggested right there and there to take it and see for herself.

Ms. Aiko says "Theobroma has cacao and I feel my health has improved tremendously. It took me three days to see the difference. It pays when you live a good life, this has cleansed me, helped me lose weight and felt it was one of the things that got me to maintain my weight. I even got to buy one for my boyfriend because that is how much I believe in the product. I feel my energy is different, I don't stress as much, I jist shake it and take it. You can see my aura, it just gives me a positive aura."

Theobroma Superfoods is available in their office in Quezon Avenue (2nd Floor Kayumanggi Press Bldg., #940 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines) or all their dealers/partners nationwide. They are working hard to also bring this outside the country. You just have to mix it with room temperature water and drink it. One jigger for healthy ones, more if you feel a little sick. They are preparing for systemized deliveries in the local market and other countries are signifying interest in it. From Guam, Australia, Middle East, and it doesn't have no therapeutic claim required on the bottle.

It also tastes good, I had a shot of it this afternoon. So maybe tweens could take this too.


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