Prince and Jenzel Endorses "The Perfect Beauty"

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Just left the event this afternoon at The Perfect Beauty Clinic in Pasig City. It's an aesthetic and derma centre that is owned and managed by doctors. They also do the procedures so you get to see and feel how professionals do it. They are located at the Mission Medical Plaza, Room 404, 4th Floor, Km.17 Ortigas Ave, Pasig, 1609 Metro Manila. Today we witnessed the clinic's first salvo of endorsers which consequently includes hunky kapuso star Prince Clemente and the beautiful Jenzel Angeles. The two are currently doing the Philippine adaptation of Descendants of the Sun and have in fact posted on their social media channels some excerpts of the series. Prince is part of the Alpha Team while Jenzel is at the medics. Their skin and body all look good, but this time, they'll get a little help with this new clinic.

Dr. Erwin Macaraeg says "The Perfect Beauty was conceptualized last year and it was hard to pass DTI standards just to think of a name. What beautiful is for one might not be for others, but what we want is for them to come to the clinic and ask them what beauty is for them, that is the goal. We also give them the facts medically. So it won't be dangerous. We currently have packages available this holiday season which includes fractional laser (as that includes several sessions). We hope the public would be able to try our services as we are priced very reasonable despite the same procedures they're offering in their center.

Jenzel Angeles says "I don't know what perfect is but I agree with the doctor. If I am enough and contented, satisfied with the way I look, I guess that is what you call The Perfect Beauty. If ever I had the chance to enhance something I plan to do something about my cheeks and my eyes because I look a little sad even if I'm angry in scenes. Maybe I'll try that. I like my nose already so we're not going to touch that.

Prince Clemente says "What is perfect for your personal standards, if you feel beautiful after the procedures, then that is the Perfect Beauty. I like my lips a lot, and if ever I would in the future do something about my body, it would be my jawline, I want a refined one, or maybe make it bigger."

Dr. Melanie Macaraeg says "We have our base here and we hope we reach the community and be well known for the beauty clinic. We hope to open several more in the coming years, and perhaps my patients would be able to visit us here too."

They also have Facials, Korean Glass Skin procedures, Electrocautery, Thread lifts, and more which you can get. However, they have several packages for hair removal, RF Slimming, Fractional Laser, Glutathione Drip (and more!) which are more affordable than if you get them on single purchase. All you need to do is go to the doctors for consultation and ask them for the procedures; as they are concerned for your safety. Go visit them at the address mentioned above!


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