A Trip Down POPEYES Arcovia

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Had to satisfy my cravings this afternoon and trooped down Arcovia City in the QC/Pasig area. Of course a visit to this place won't be complete without a visit at Popeyes. 

I love fried chicken, and this Louisiana based chain has impressed a lot of people. I on the other hand just sorely miss it as I've always dreamed to get a taste again of their good mashed potatoes (which I had when they opened years ago). This branch in Arcovia is the nearest one from my place but it is already considerably far. I was surprised to have seen it full to the brim and I had to wait for a few minutes before I got a seat.

I was so hungry because I haven't eaten anything since breakfast. It was already about 3:30pm so I ordered weirdly. I got two meals specifically the 2pc Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit, the Chicken Tenders and Fries plus their spaghetti. I did think one meal was okay, but really, what's stopping us all from ordering more? :)

The fries was good, although I could smell and taste a whiff of chicken while munching on these spuds. Not that I'm complaining, it was good for me.

I ordered chicken tenders, which surprisingly I find more appealing than the actual fried chicken. I think I'm at that point where I find chicken bones annoying, haha the Tito in me.

The kind lady in the counter suggested I get the ranch dip for it instead of the good gravy. She was right, well I kinda mixed both just for fun, and I liked it no matter how weird that sounds.

The ranch made it fresher tasting, it contradicted the little oil on the chicken. But the good thing was, there's more where that came from.

Before I forget, the 2pc Popeyes Fried Chicken came with a hot and flaky biscuit. I poured honey on top of that, even without rice I was already dreaming!

Or maybe if you want a more heavy meal, try the dirty rice on their menu. You're just combing two savory things, so indulge!

The Fried Chicken is legendary. I like how it wasn't too salty unlike other brands. I didn't finish other parts of my meal because I was already eating the protein with gravy. Mmmm....

Sunsets and fried chicken. Love!

They also are serving shrimp burgers which I took home for mom. She loved it!

Their Strawberry sundae was out of stock, so I figured I had to have the next best thing which is hot fudge. I knew what I was getting into. LOL!

The only thing I did regret was ordering a side of Mashed Potatoes with their gravy. I should have ordered a large bucket of this when I was in front of the counter. They do it real good.

So if you're in the area, come enjoy really good chicken at Popeyes Arcovia. I'm going back there, prices are so cheap! Worth every penny!

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