ACER X RealMe Holiday Promo

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

They made the entire newly opened Glorietta Activity center into a town filled with houses capped in snow and ice as they launch an equally fancy Christmas promo with Acer and popular phone brand Realme. They call it REAL HOLIDAY. What's in it for you? Well let's just say if you are trying to find deals in purchasing a laptop computer today from Acer and their Predator line, they're going to make it even more special by throwing in a new phone from RealMe Philippines.

All you need to do is to purchase qualifying Acer Laptops and Predator computers like the Swift 3, Aspire 5, the Predator Nitro 5 and Helios 300. These gaming and lifestyle perfect laptop computers have been really getting good reviews so far and if you're planning to get one this Christmas season, wouldn't it be good to give the phone to yourself (as a gift to self) or a loved one too? Exactly, this is probably why they're doing it and with Acer, Intel and RealMe putting it out there, this would be a deal you can't resist! It only is available from November 15 - December 31.

Sue Ong Lim from Acer says "Thank you to our distributors, our partners, the executives from both Acer and RealMe. This is our biggest promo ever and it has been a back to back success as the number 1 laptop and pc manufacturer in the country. Sales volume has been all exceeded. Acer Predator is also the number one gaming laptop in the Philippines. Thank you so much for your support!"

RealMe Philippines very own Jackie Chen says "The Christmas vibe is all around and we share the vision of providing quality products. It's a great honor to have a collaboration with Acer and as the fastest smartphone brand in the country, we are so glad to have you experience the RealMe gadgets. Purchase of these smartphones can also get you to win Acer Nitro, so have a wonderful evening to you all!"

Dante Fernandez of Microsoft Philippines says "The latest update in Microsoft Windows 10 will make you yearn for laptops that are thin, light and fast. You will also have faster, more battery life, more durable, more secure and will be easier for your daily tasks. With SSD's, you can boot up faster than a typical laptop with a regular drive. There is also Windows Hello for security. You can sign documents digitally, write notes, achieve more and do more with Windows which comes with Acer products." 

Bryan Dy of Acer Consumer Notebooks adds "The Predator Triton 300 was launched in Berlin. It is now available in the Philippines since last August highlighting thinner and more powerful gaming devices. Powered by the latest 9th gen Intel 8 core Processors, it also has GForce 1650 Graphics Card and 2 TB SSD's. This also has advanced thermal design which would be good for gamers. It is patented and regulating gaming temperatures is really important. This holiday campaign, we have a great partnership with RealMe and you can also get free memory upgrade and RealMe C2 for the i5 version (54,990 and 59,999) while get the RealMe 5 for the i7 version (74,999) Now is the time to shop!"

Eason De Guzman from RealMe says "We are 17 Million strong and is the fastest growing smartphone brand in the country. We also hosted one of the biggest mobile gaming competition via the RealMe Mobile Legends Cup. It is the best opportunity to experience good things with Acer and RealMe. One important aspect of having a phone is by making it last with a good battery, we provide smartphones that would be good for content creation, takes good photos and videos, and share it with the world. RealMe has it at very affordable price points. You just have to try it!"

Manuel Wong the Managing Director for Acer Philippines

The phones can also be used for gaming, taking photos, usual communication and social media. I bet it's going to be a good deal especially if you have family or friends who wants to try the experience of having an Acer Laptop. Go visit computer stores who carry ACER because there might be limited stocks in some areas.  


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