Alex Gonzaga Launches Bag Line with Secosana

Monday, November 25, 2019

It's an early event today as we rushed to Privato Hotel in Shaw. Secosana finally launched their collab with Vlog maven Alex Gonzaga. The well loved sister of Toni Gonzaga and daughter of Mommy Pinti had been working for months to design and conceptualize her collection. She has her own aesthetic, own identity and what better way to show that but by making her own set of bags.

Alex says "It's been 6 months since we started all these. I am so happy they turned into reality. I wanted bags but didn't know their brands, so in this collab I wanted it vintage and stylish, they gave me design freedom so I got to do this with them. For Mommy Pinti she could use a paper bag, but I would recommend she use our biggest one since she likes to carry a lot of stuff."

She adds "I am classic all the way, I love the colors which don't go out of trend. You can pair it with anything. I like the light ones, neutral colors, it can still be for all ages. When they presented it to me, I already liked it because of their craftsmanship and time spent making these bags. I didn't vlog about this because it was all in the bag, I guess there are trade secrets, and people generally don't cara about it (she kids) we only showed the final look. If you wanna see the journey, you can see it on Secosana's Facebook page.My personal favorite is the mint green bag."

The bags will be put up on sale for one whole week at Then it will be sold in their stores nationwide. Honestly, they look pretty good. I'd be getting one for my Mom.


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