Lovely Couple MayWard Hosts STARHUNT

Friday, November 08, 2019

MayWard is doing something BIG and this is it. If you’re already aware of Star Hunt, they’re doing the same thing through the KUMU App. It’s called STARHUNT The Global Showdown. It is premiering today 7PM but you have to download it before you can watch. What’s in it you say?

MayWard Overload!

They’ve got 25 Global Star Dreamers and they would have to battle it out every Wednesday night til the Grand Finals on December. They would have to perform via the KUMU app and perform according to theme, and ask for votes from friends and fans. 50% of scores will come from Judges, then 50% will also come from gifts of KUMU users in app. Two weeks for votes so they need to get a lot from you. If you want them to win, you’ve got to participate! Who knows, one of these men or women would be the next idol!

Oh and yes, this will get them a recording contract, lots of money and a sure fire way of making it in the industry as the first ever STAR HUNT winner via the KUMU App!

Happy ba #MayWard? Hehe


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