Shopping Online with Convenience

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What does it take to make your life easy?

We’ve all been there. The long lines at the bank, the long lines at Meralco, PLDT, Manila Water, the Jeep stands, the bus or Grab and you feel your life is in shambles. Fret not, for we the Filipino people have a choice. All it takes is a little effort of doing everything online because it’s convenient. It’s why fintech corporations and digital wallet apps are abound, because it is possible... and we should take advantage of convenience it gives.

I personally use GCASH to pay for everything. Actually, I feel it’s more convenient compared to my own personal banking app. Other than that, the perks are insurmountable especially when they give me rebates. Oh and banking? They do that too with a few clicks. I can also transfer funds to merchants if I plan to shop, I also transfer funds to my friends when we’re splitting bills after a night of fun. That means I don’t line up to pay for bills anymore. I can even pay in the wee hours of the morning without going out in the polluted streets of the metro. I can even link my bank account and load up my own digital wallet. It’s even doubly safe because I don’t have to take a physical credit card out just to pay for stuff as merchants already have QR Codes handy. You can also load up in convenience stores, mall concierge areas, and these times, you don’t have to sit in two hour traffic jams to do all these. Now isn’t that a better life? Indeed, so go download it off the app store, the Google Play Store because it’s easy. You can even plant trees with it no joke!

That’s better, more convenient and stress free. Wouldn’t you want peace of mind?


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